Saturday, 10 May 2014

Hey Swatch It! - Nail Pattern Boldness Allons-Y

Hey y'all!

Today I've got a pretty little glitter gem from Nail Pattern Boldness that I brought back from my trip home in March.  I actually purchased several products from this brand to show you, but I had been lusting this polish for a long time before I finally bought it, so I think it's only fitting that it gets to feature first.  Take a look at Allons-Y:

Nail Pattern Boldness Allons-Y swatch

This shiny dream is a beautiful mix of blue, silver, and green glitters, with what appear to be silver microglitters as well.  It is opaque in 3-4 coats, depending on how thick you apply them.

Nail Pattern Boldness Allons-Y swatch
One coat of Allons-Y over a white base
I admit that part of the reason I wanted this polish was the name.  It's no secret that I am a 10th Doctor girl, and that David Tennant is also on my laminated list.  It just made sense that I needed to have a gorgeous polish named after 10's catchphrase. 

Nail Pattern Boldness Allons-Y swatch

More important, however, is that it's just lovely!  Filled with tiny little sparkles that remind me of the stars, it has a slightly textured natural finish that can be eliminated with the use of a topcoat.  It catches the light beautifully and can be applied over any polish to give it some shine.

Nail Pattern Boldness Allons-Y swatch

I wanted to build it to near full opacity, so this manicure took about 4 coats of Allons-Y over my base colors.  Here I've used Barry M Silver Foil on 4 nails, and Essie Where's My Chauffeur on my ring finger.  At this opacity, the "accent" nail is almost indistinguishable from the others unless you look closely.  Application is easy-breezy, but because it's full of itsy bitsy glitters, I recommend applying it very carefully to avoid a pesky cleanup. 

Nail Pattern Boldness Allons-Y swatch

As I said at the beginning, I have a lot more products from Nail Pattern Boldness to show you, but I had to give this one the featured spot because it's so dear to my heart.  Allons-Y is part of the Time Traveler collection, and all of NPB's polishes are hand-made with love in Vermont. 

Do you love it?  Let me know in the comments!  Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend and I'll see ya soon!


  1. Love the glittery colour! I sa Allons-y and thought this was nail art about Doctor Who... I don't know if you watch it but it would be awesome to see some around that ^.^

    Check out my post about Sherlock:

  2. Ohh very dreamy that's so pretty, looks gorgeous :) x

    1. She makes such gorgeous polishes. I think I love them all!


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