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A bit about me: My name is Ali. I am a Texan (ergo: "fixin to") living in the UK (ergo: "faff") who enjoys reading, traveling, writing, cooking, DIY, sci-fi, makeup, and nail polish. Fixin to Faff is a personal blog, combining elements of my life, hobbies, and projects, but is primarily a nail art and polish blog. I review products based on my own opinions and have been known to be, well, blunt. Thank you for sticking around and wanting to learn more about me.

Contact Info: If you have questions, requests, or concerns, or would like to contact me for the purposes of reviewing and/or sponsoring a giveaway, please email me at: fixintofaff (at) gmail (dot) com I will respond to all correspondence as quickly as possible.

This blog is happy to accept material for review.  All review material accepted on the condition that I will be 100% honest in my personal opinions.

I'd like to give a special thanks to Carrie from CarrieLoves for creating the social media buttons used on my page.