Monday, 30 March 2015

Hey, Swatch It! Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Plush

Hey y'all!

Since I overrode Saturday's normal Swatch It with my haul, I figured a mani Monday was in order to actually do a swatch post for ya.  As you'll have seen in the Texas Polish Haul, I picked up a couple more of the Sally Hansen Velvet Texture polishes from the States which weren't released in the UK.  The first of these I would like to show you is Plush.

Swatch and review of Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Plush.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Texas Polish Haul

Oh.  Hi y'all!

I apologize for the delay in today's post.  Apparently the last few days have fallen into a black hole where the only things that exist are hot water bottles, Midol, and Downton Abbey on the DVR.  Don't judge me.  However, I promised you a haul post from my Texas trip, so I dragged my lazy fat butt up the stairs and set to work taking pics of all the pretty things that I'd already managed to put away but it's okay because it's for you and you're like family.  F'realsies.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Beachy Gradient Colorblocking Nail Art - NCC Inspired By Fashion

Hey y'all!

Friday's finally here, and it's the last Friday of the month, so that's insane.  Thankfully it's also my chance to present my final look for this month's NCC theme: Inspired by Fashion, where I got to play with a neutral palette and a beachy-themed gradient with some colorblocking.

Neutral blue and white gradient colorblocking nail art inspired by fashion.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Loose Glitter Gradient - What I Did Wednesday

Hey y'all!

I had a really hard time deciding what kind of nail art I should do with my swatch of Nail Pattern Boldness Allons-Y because it is just so beautiful, I didn't want to cover it up or take away from that sparkly goodness!  Ultimately while looking through my supplies I decided the only thing to do over glitter was add MOAR GLITTAH!

Loose glitter gradient nail art outlined with rhinestones and polish.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Texas Recap!

Hey y'all!

A few of you will already know this, but Mr. Faff and I spent the last couple of weeks back in Austin, visiting my family and friends.  We returned Saturday morning, retrieved Isis, and spent the rest of the weekend unpacking and catching up on sleep, and of course, I put a little time aside to write up this post for you!

Texas Trip Recap

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Hey, Swatch It! Nail Pattern Boldness Allons-Y

Hey y'all!

Funny story... I am obviously not as organized as I should be.  I was rifling through my box of untried indie polishes to find a pretty one to showcase today, and I selected a polish, swatched it, photographed it, and put it away as I usually do.  It wasn't until I actually started editing the photos that I realized, I've already swatched this polish!  OOPS!  However, I think my swatches of Nail Pattern Boldness Allons-Y today look a bit different than they did back in May, so I'm gonna run with it.  Also, I have a macro shot this time, so... there's that. 

Swatch and review of Nail Pattern Boldness Allons-Y.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Funky White Negative Space Nail Art - NCC Inspired By Fashion

Hey y'all!

Friday is here again, and that means it's time to delve back into some nail art as inspired by fashion for the Nail Challenge Collaborative.  This week I'm presenting some more funky, abstract nails with a hint of negative space, pulled once again from a look in the pages of a fashion magazine.

Funky white negative space nail art look inspired by fashion for the Nail Challenge Collaborative.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Aquatic Houndstooth - WIDW

Hey y'all!

Hope you're all recovering from green beer-fueled benders last night, because of course that means the luck o' the Irish is with you!  Today's What I Did Wednesday features the swatch of OPI Get Your Number that I swatched on Saturday, with some stamped gradient nail art on top.

Gradient stamped houndstooth print over blue textured glitter base nail art.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Guest post from Catriona at BGPolish

Hey y'all!

Happy Mani Monday!  Today I'm turning over the reins to one of my best blogger buddies, Cat.  I've talked about Cat before - she's certainly no stranger to this blog, but she's definitely been a godsend to me during the days here when I was grateful to have someone to talk to because all my American girls were either asleep or at work.  She's also a talented young nail blogger in her own rights, so I'm super pleased to have her guest posting here today.

Take it away, Cat!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Hey, Swatch It! OPI Get Your Number

Hey y'all!

Happy Saturday!  Today I've got a beautiful OPI textured polish for you that behaves quite unlike any of the other Liquid Sands in my collection.  Get Your Number is a deep blue jelly filled with all sorts of little glitter goodies to fill out the texture. 

Swatch and review of OPI Get Your Number.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Green and Gold Plunging V Nail Art - NCC Inspired By Fashion

Hey y'all!

It occurred to me a few days ago that I had managed to schedule the entire month of March with posts but neglected to do any St. Patrick's Day looks, a grievous error which I hastened to rectify.  Today of course is NCC Friday, and I decided that I could do a really great green and gold look utilizing a current fashion trend.

St. Patrick's Day nail art of green and gold plunging V designs, inspired by fashion for the Nail Challenge Collaborative.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Firey Striping - WIDW

Hey y'all!

I'm back with another What I Did (With It) Wednesday!  Today I'll show you the nail art I created with my swatch of Finger Paints Surreal Sunset - this black and matte striped design that is full of fire!

Striped matte and glossy nail art with firey duochrome shimmer base.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Magical Mondays - Hermione!

Hey y'all!

It's that time of the month again!  No, not THAT time, the time when I team up with bloggy buddy Cat from BGPolish to honor Harry Potter in nail art!  This month we've chosen to give some love to the brightest witch of her age, Miss Hermione Granger.

Nail art tribute to Hermione Granger, brains, books, vinewood and dragon heartstring wand, otter Patronus, and time turner.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Hey, Swatch It! Finger Paints Surreal Sunset

Hey y'all!

Happy Saturday!  Today's Swatch It features a brand that I fall more in love with every time I try on a new polish from them.  This is Finger Paints Surreal Sunset, a fabulous color-shifting shimmer from last year that reminds me of a Texas sunset, for sure!

Swatch and review of Finger Paints Surreal Sunset.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Black and Gold Negative Space - NCC Inspired By Fashion

Hey y'all!

Well I promised you an announcement today, so here it is.  As of this month, I am now a member of the Nail Challenge Collaborative, a group a incredibly talented nail artist bloggers who do 4 monthly nail art looks based on a chosen theme.  This means that from now on, Fridays will become NCC nail art looks, except in the case of months with more than 4 Fridays which will have other things (possibly Foodie Fridays?) posted as well.  I'm incredibly honored and excited to be joining this group, and I will of course have inlinkz to all the other ladies' looks down at the bottom of any NCC post.

This month, we're tackling Fashion as our theme, so here's my first look this month which was Inspired by Fashion.

Black and gold 3D negative space nail art inspired by fashion for the Nail Challenge Collaborative.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Purple Chrome and Black Nail Art: What I Did Wednesday

Hey y'all!

Good morning, fabulous faffers!  Today I'd like to start a new segment here at Fixin To Faff, wherein I show you the nail art I create with a swatch AFTER I've shared it on Hey, Swatch It Saturdays.  Today's inagural "What I Did (With It)" Wednesday will showcase how I transformed my last swatch from the Models Own Colour Chromes, Chrome Mauve.  With it, I created this purple chrome and black nail art look.

Nail art featuring stamping, glitter, texture, and rhinestones over chrome polish in purple and black tones.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Texpat Cooking Files: Breakfast Tacos!

Hey y'all!

As luck would have it, I'm guest posting today over at MyDreamality!  Want to know how I keep my breakfast Texan even while I'm 5,000 miles from home?  Check out my recipe for breakfast tacos and the video tutorial I made!

Hope you're all having a great start to the week and the month.  I'll see ya tomorrow!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Guest Post by Yaya of

Hey y'all!

Today I have the privilege of introducing you to the only other British Tex-pat I know.  I came across My Dreamality (actually, at the time she was the Expat Frugalista, but rebrands happen as we grow and change) by odd but fortuitous coincidence in the world of beauty bloggers, and quickly fell in love with her adventurous spirit and love of beautiful things.  It's now my pleasure to introduce you to my beautiful blogger friend, Yaya.