Friday, 18 July 2014

You look positively Orange with loneliness - CMC

Hey y'all!

This week the Colour Me Crazy prompt turned to orange, and since no other word rhymes with orange, it must be a very lonely color indeed.  I dunno, that's just what Big Bang Theory taught me.  In reality I love orange and took this prompt as an opportunity to have fun with several different orange shades in my collection.  Also, I'm not into prison-chick naughtiness, so I'll have none of that OITNB nonsense, do you hear me??

Orange dotted french tip dots within dots matte

These fun french tips were created using a small variety of polishes, beginning with a single coat of Barry M Mango on my ring finger and french tips in that same color on all the other nails. I followed that up with a coat of Quirk Send Him To Belize on the accent nail.

Orange dotted french tip dots within dots matte

It's really very hard to see it, unfortunately, but I began my dotting with a line of large dots of Literary Lacquers My Red Hair along the french tip and down the center of the accent nail.  This beautiful holo polish just doesn't dot very well and it pretty much ran together and made a jagged line anyway.  Undeterred, I mostly covered it with large dots of OPI Chop-Sticking To My Story which held together much more nicely.  Once those dots were dry, I then used a mid-size dotting tool to add Pure Ice Superstar in the centers of those burnt orange dots..

Orange dotted french tip dots within dots matte

I came back in on the accent nail with my smallest pinpoint dotting tool to add another dot of Chop-Sticking inside the white dots.  If you're keeping track, that's dots within dots within dots within dots.  Sort-of.  

Orange dotted french tip dots within dots matte

I finished off this look by protecting the nail art with a coat of SV, and then adding a coat of Barry M's matte topcoat.  I love the way Belize looks when matted!

Hope you enjoyed my fruity Friday nails as much as I did.  You can also check out other tributes to Orange in the inlinkz below.

Happy Friday y'all, and have a great weekend!  Come back tomorrow for a spectacular neon blue edition of Hey, Swatch It!

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