Monday, 7 July 2014

#ManiMonday - Box of Chocolates Nail Art

Hey y'all!

I want to apologize in advance for today's very picture-heavy post, but some of you may already be aware that today is officially celebrated as CHOCOLATE DAY.  Seriously.  There's a whole day for it.  Supposedly on this day in 1550, the joy that is chocolate was introduced to Europe, and civilization (and a woman's monthly cycle) has never been the same.  I'm serious.  You can look it up if you want.  I'll wait.

See?  So, in honor of this most auspicious of anniversaries, I present to you a box of chocolates for your nails:

Box of Chocolate assortment nail art skittles

Stop trying to eat my fingers.  I know they look delicious, but it's not real, people.  It's just an artistic illusion.  An artistic illusion that needed a gazillion different polishes and tools and techniques, but it is an illusion nonetheless.

L-R: Barry M Lychee and Mushroom, Cover Girl Toasted Almond, elf Smoky Brown and Chocolate, OPI Pinking of You
So since this is technically a Skittles manicure, the steps will require a bit more explanation than usual as well.  I began by painting each nail a different brown-toned color.  On my thumb I used Mushroom, my index finger has Chocolate, my middle has Smoky Brown, my ring finger is Lychee, and my pinky is Toasted Almond.

Box of Chocolate assortment nail art skittles

While the first coat was still wet on my thumb, I attached a whole mess of different studs, rhinestones, and pearls to make an uneven, bumpy surface that mimicked a nut cluster, and then covered them with two additional coats of Mushroom.  I didn't think to take a picture of it before I covered it but hopefully in this macro you can get the idea.

Chocolate nut cluster truffle nail art

Over the second coat of my index finger, I sprinkled on some pale pink microbeads to mimick the pink coconut that dusts the top of some truffles.

Chocolate nut cluster truffle nail art

I wanted my middle finger to look resemble one of those beautifully-swirled cream-filled chocolates, and without any desire to try to freehand a design, I dug through my stamping plates, landing on BM-418.

Bundle Monster plate 418 swirl vortex

I was then able to stamp it in elf Chocolate to sort of get the look I was after.

Chocolate truffle nail art

On my last two fingers, I used the same technique with different colors to achieve the look of two more candies.

Box of Chocolate assortment nail art skittles

I created the spun sugar using Pinking of You and Chocolate.  The more I practice this technique, the more I start loving the results.  In this instance I really think they came out looking great. 

White Chocolate truffle nail art Chocolate cherry strawberry cordial cream truffle nail art

My ring finger really looks like a white chocolate truffle and my pinky looks like a cherry or strawberry cream-filled.

Box of Chocolate assortment nail art skittles

Box of Chocolate assortment nail art skittles

Overall I couldn't be more pleased with how these came out!  If I had one to do over again, I'd like to practice using the spun sugar technique to create 3D swirls on that middle finger instead of the stamp.  I think it looks good as it is, but I would love to be able to create some dimension because it looks a bit flat compared to all the other 3D nails.

What do you think?  Is this a look you'd wear?  I also think it would be really cute for Valentine's Day!

I know Mondays after a 3-day weekend are always a bit rough, so I do hope my American readers will console themselves by indulging a bit, and that everyone else is able take some time today to celebrate with a bit of chocolate.  I do believe I hear a Galaxy caramel bar calling my name!

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