Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Spots and Stripes - TPTC

Hey y'all!

It's Tuesday, and that means it's time for the last pink/purple/green Tri-Polish look this month.  I decided to do a little playing with dots and stripes to create this glittery nail art.

Spots and Stripes nail art

The base of this look comes from two effect polishes from Pretty Cosmetics, which is commonly found in Poundland (at least by me) and a lemming mini from Max Factor.

L-R: Pretty Concrete Effect Pink, Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Pretty Leather Look Green)
After using a PVA glue base, I used two coats of each of the Pretty polishes on alternating nails.  They're both packed full of glitter to help create the texture effects, so the glue base helped with removal of this nail art.

Spots and Stripes nail art

On the pink nails, I used several pieces of striping tape to mask off a pattern and then covered the whole nail in Fantasy Fire.  On the green nails, I double-dotted with Fantasy Fire and then the pink polish in the centers.

Spots and Stripes nail art

All in all, I don't consider this my best work.  I think perhaps I just haven't figured out how to really use Fantasy Fire to its full extent, other than layering it over a black polish.  If you have any idea for how to use it better, I'm keen to hear about it below.  Also be sure to take a peek at the other Tri-Polish manis in the inlinkz.

Hope your week is off to a good start.  Quick reminder that the Nail Polish Bloggers Connection Group Giveaway will be ending on Thursday, so now's a good time to jump in and enter or finish getting all of your entries submitted.  Y'all take care and I'll see ya soon!