Wednesday, 9 July 2014

VividLacquer meets ILNP

Hey y'all!

Today's nail art look is the teeny tiny baby of two of my favorite indie nail brands - ILNP and VividLacquer.  I submitted this look to a nail art competition being hosted by Cat at BGPolish, and wanted to share the lovely results with you!

Floral lace stamping over duochrome nail art

So yesterday I posted a first impressions video on my YouTube channel talking about the mini haul of plates I recently ordered from Vivid Lacquer.  If you haven't seen that yet, well...

If the above video doesn't work on your mobile device, you can view it directly on YouTube.

I was really intrigued by the lacy patterns on VL028, and I thought it would look really cool stamped over a duochrome polish.  Enter ILNP Undenied.  This gorgeous addition to the Ultrachrome line shifts between burnt orange and deepest royalest purple.  *LOVE*

Floral lace stamping over duochrome nail art

I am absolutely in love with these patterns.  Because the images on the VL plate are large and square instead of the traditional rectangle, I was able to pick and choose which parts of it went on each nail and in what direction.  My ring finger is actually a really subtle "accent" nail, because it's a different image altogether!

Floral lace stamping over duochrome nail art

I stamped these on using LA Colors Energy Source, which is a fairly opaque white and it gave me pretty clean stamping.  Unfortunately my topcoat managed to pull up some of those fine lace lines but overall most of the images stayed intact, so I was pleased.

Floral lace stamping over duochrome nail art

I think the neatest part of this is watching the shift underneath the stamping.  Be still my heart!

Floral lace stamping over duochrome nail art

I did take some swatch pics of Undenied for a Hey Swatch It! Saturday coming soon, but I just couldn't wait to show off this stamping!  I think you can safely expect to see me venture a LOT more heavily into stamped nail art in the next few months... although I did also just receive some incredible new detailing brushes for freehanding, so... who knows?  My little brain is just percolating away!

Hope you enjoy this look, and I will see you soon!

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