Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Singin' in the Rain nail art - LNMBC

Hey y'all!

DOUBLE POSTING?  WHAT WHAT??  Well, today starts a new Llama Nails Challenge, and this time around the themes are all based on movies and books.  I am going to try pretty hard to get all the prompts completed but, like today, they may not always be terribly involved or intense completions.  I am excited to be able to share some of my favorite movies and books with you via this challenge, and after perusing the list I really couldn't figure out what category to place my all time favorite movie into, so it actually winds up here in the premiere slot.  Here's my tribute to the Comedy film, Singin' in the Rain.

Here's the full list of themes (click to view full size):

I mentioned the new GelPro line from George I picked up as Asda a few days ago, and the yellow base here is from that line.  I really wanted to see how it performed as a polish (as opposed to using it for nail art), and I have to say I'm not thrilled.  This is three coats of Festival, a lovely banana yellow shade.  However, as each coat dried, it tended to dimple up and crack pretty badly, and needing 3 coats just for opacity seems a bit much for something that's supposed to have a gel finish.  I haven't tested the other colors yet, but if they're as bad as this one, I definitely will not be repurchasing this line. 

I finally got the color to level out after using 2 thick coats of SV over top, so I was able to save it, but honestly 5 thick coats of polish on your nails is like the least fun way to get that puffy gel effect EVER. 

Trudging on, I stamped the little umbrella from the Cici&Sisi plate 08, using China Glaze Liquid Leather.  To be honest, I'm not terribly pleased with this stamp either, as it really tended to pull on swiping and wouldn't pick up clean, but this image was the closest I got to a clean stamp.  Granted, I had a few more tricks up my sleeve that I could've used but I was pressed for time and this was supposed to be a one-and-done nail art, so... YMMV.

I may wind up looking back on this and being sad that I didn't try harder, but I wanted to at least pay a small homage to such a great film and the yellow swatch gave me a bit of quick inspiration to do so.  Singin' in the Rain is so much more than a comedy film; it's obviously a musical, as well as a romance with a bit of history sprinkled on top.

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Hope you're all having a great Wednesday, and I'll see ya soon!

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