Thursday, 10 July 2014

Fandoms Nail Art - Embrace Your Geekness Challenge

Hey y'all!

I'm participating in a mini nail art challenge this week and it's all leading up to Embrace Your Geekness Day on July 13.  There are four prompts in this challenge, each focusing on a different aspect of "geek" culture.  Today we celebrate fandoms, and I've created a skittles look that features five of my favorite fandoms!

Embrace Your Geekness Fandom nail art

Embrace Your Geekness Fandom nail art challenge

What I had intended to be a quick and easy stamping look actually took a fairly dark turn when it came to the issue of the "accent" finger - which ended up needing a decal rather than the stamp, and then wound up taking two attempts at the decal before I had one with which I could be satisfied.  That said, I think these nails pretty well sum up most of the major fandoms I've been a part of, although there are some notable exceptions:  Quantum Leap, CSI (original series, but only up until Gil and Sara left), and everything else that Joss Whedon has ever touched (minus Roseanne, maybe).  Of course, I could also have gone another route and done a skittles devoted to my Nathan Fillion fandom, but that seemed to take it just over the edge of the Crazytown city limits and frankly I'm not fond of the police force there. 

Embrace Your Geekness Fandom nail art

I think I've done a fairly good job of taking aspects of each fandom that may be instantly recognizable to other people in the fandom but not necessarily to anyone else.  It might be fun to take your guesses as to which fandoms I'm representing here, down in the comments below. 

To help get a better look, I'm even nice enough to give you some macros.

Embrace Your Geekness Harry Potter Fandom nail art Embrace Your Geekness Sherlock Fandom nail art Embrace Your Geekness Doctor Who Fandom nail art Embrace Your Geekness Firefly/Serenity Fandom nail art Embrace Your Geekness Heroes Fandom nail art

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Hope you're all having a great week, and I'll see ya tomorrow!

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