Wednesday, 21 January 2015

31DC-D21 - 3 Shades of Green/Yellow

Hey y'all!

Happy Humpday!  Today's prompt for the 31-Day Challenge is to use 3 Shades of Green and/or Yellow, which I kind of did a couple of days ago in green and I don't have 3 shades of yellow that are far enough apart to actually make a look with them so I am doing green again.  Isn't that exciting?  Pfft.  Whatever.  I don't need your pity.  I decided to make a double-stamping look into a bamboo forest and throw in a yellow accent nail just for SnGs.

Double-stamped green bamboo forest nail art.

I grabbed an array of colors that spanned out through several makers - but surprise, surprise!  A Barry M Gelly makes an appearance.  What what?

L-R: George Celebration, Barry M Watermelon, LA Colors Wave Length, elf Mint Cream
I started with two coats of Wave Length on my index finger, and a single coat of Mint Cream on all others.

Double-stamped green bamboo forest nail art.

The bamboo forest was double-stamped from BM-424 first in Watermelon and then in Celebration and top coated with COT, which is now officially my stamping top coat.  Period. 

Double-stamped green bamboo forest nail art.

I am digging the depth from the double-stamping on these, but what would really complete the look would be some little panda decals, so...

Double-stamped green bamboo forest nail art with panda decal.

There... now they look finished! 

For more adventures in shades of green and yellow, check out the inlinkz below.

Hope you're all having a fantastic week, and I'll see ya tomorrow!