Wednesday, 7 January 2015

31DC-D7 - Pink and Aqua

Hey y'all!

Happy Humpday!  You have officially survived the first week of 2015!  I did a bit more playing with the new camera, and I think I'm on the verge of getting my daytime light box settings sussed, as you'll see in the pics.  Today I have a cute and colorful gradient look with some dual-toned stamping over the top to celebrate today's 31-Day Challenge prompt: Pink and Aqua!

Pink, white, and aqua gradient nail art, stamped with tribal V-pattern.

I started picking my palette by choosing a pink and an aqua that I thought looked adorable together, and then adding in my accent polishes to compliment them, while also trying to pick shades that would both stamp and sponge well on the nail.  It was really not a simple choice!

L-R: MoYou Nails Pink, Barry M Guava, Barry M Gold Foil, China Glaze White on White
The more I use Barry M Gellies, the more I realize how truly multi-functional they are.  I've used them to stamp, sponge, water marble, tape, dot, and just about every other nail art technique out there, and they always come through for me, all while retaining brilliant color, shine, and fast drying time!  Is it possible Barry M makes the "perfect" polish?

Pink, white, and aqua gradient nail art, stamped with tribal V-pattern.

I began this look with a single coat of White on White on all my nails as a base for my sponged colors.  Then using a cosmetic sponge, I created the pink-to-white gradient on my accent ring finger and the aqua-to-white gradient on all the others.  Once dry, I topcoated with SV.

Pink, white, and aqua gradient nail art, stamped with tribal V-pattern.

I stamped this tribal V pattern from MoYou London's Artist Collection 09 plate with my contrast color in the bottom portion and Gold Foil in the top.  As you can see, the irregular shape made this dual-tone stamping a bit trickier than usual to scrape before picking up on my stamping, so although I attempted to scrape in a V-shape, some of the Pink and Guava did end up dipping into the gold.  A bit more practice probably could have fixed the problem, but I was short on time and was NOT going to fuss over getting the perfect stamped image.  These were pretty much one-and-done, because the flaws are near invisible at arm's length.

Whereas I liked these glossy, I really love the soft pastel look that Barry M's matte top coat gave the final look.

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As always, I hope you're treating yourselves well, and I will see you tomorrow!