Sunday, 25 January 2015

31DC-D25 - Complement and Contrast

Hey y'all!

Happy Sunday!  Today begins the last week of the 31-Day Challenge, and I'm so grateful the end is in sight!  I really could kick myself for not getting a head start on it, because I feel like I've been in rushed catch-up mode for the past three weeks!  I haven't had a chance to cruise through the other challengers' nail art looks other than what's on IG, nor have I been able to read any of my other favorite blogs, or even respond to the comments that have been left for me, and that makes a hugely sad panda.  To that end, let me first apologize for not being quite so "present," and also assure you that I will be playing catch up during the first week of February to get things right.  For now, however, we continue pressing on, and today's prompt is Complement and Contrast.  I had really been wracking my brain trying to be clever with this prompt, and the answer dawned on me as I was looking at the trim of one of my makeup bags!  As I was growing up, I was always taught not to mix brown and black because they don't complement each other.  I think these days that rule has been pretty well tossed, but there are most assuredly some brown/black combos that don't work.  With that in mind, I created my own brown and black modified French tip nail art look that my grandmother would have hated, but I definitely love.

Brown and black skinny French tip nail art design.

I think the "skinny" French tip gives a chic edge to a nail art classic.  These days, the classic French gets turned every shade on the color wheel, and modern girls are bored by the 90s "pink and white" that all the cool girls used to rock.

Brown and black skinny French tip nail art design.

Here I've taken a brown nail (Barry M Cocoa) and lined it with a dark black creme (Maybelline Onyx Black) with a striping brush for a thin edge.  If your lining game isn't strong, you can hack this technique by pooling a bit of polish on a flat surface and dipping your free edge into it.  On my accent nail, I've reversed the colors and added a few flare lines to further enhance the accent. 

Brown and black skinny French tip nail art design.

This is a super simple look that can be worn by just about any skin tone and any nail length - that's right, a skinny French looks good even on a nubbin! 

For more Complementing and Contrasting look, check out the inlinkz below!

Hope you've all had a restful weekend.  Be safe, and I'll see you tomorrow!