Friday, 2 January 2015

31DC-D2 - Tape Mani

Hey y'all!

Happy Friday!  Today I got to do some experimenting with the new camera Mr. Faff got me for Christmas.  It's my first DSLR, and aside from an old 35mm that I briefly played with in high school, it's my first foray outside of the compact, point-and-shoot cameras I've owned up until this point, which should explain why my pictures are about to start looking a bit different from what I've been posting.  With a bit of luck, by next year I'll have this macro photography thing figured out!  In any event, today's prompt for the 31-Day Challenge is Tape Mani, so I created this fun look.

Blue and purple tape mani with rhinestone accents.

I used a trio of purple and blue polishes, and two different taping techniques to make the magic happen.

L-R: Orly Royal Velvet, Barry M Lilac Foil, China Glaze Frostbite
I started by applying two coats of Royal Velvet to my pinky and ring fingers, two coats of Lilac Foil to my middle and index fingers, and three coats of Frostbite to my thumb.  On my pinky and middle fingers, I used striping tape to mark out a sort of radiator-grill design and then covered with the contrasting purple polish before removing the tape.  On my thumb, I used striping tape to mark off diagonal quadrants and then filled sections with the purple polishes before removing the tape.

Blue and purple tape mani with rhinestone accents.

For my index and ring fingers, I applied polish to transparent stationery tape and let it dry.  Then I used pinking shears to cut out the zigzag strips of each color and applied the two alternating colors to each nail.  To finish off the look, I applied square-cut clear rhinestones to each nail and top coated with SV.

Blue and purple tape mani with rhinestone accents.

Considering that I really didn't know where I was going with this look when I started painting, I'm pretty satisfied!  Working with tape takes patience and attention to detail on par with glitter placement, but I find it much more relaxing.

For more tape manis from today's prompt, be sure to check out the inlinkz below.

Hope you're all having a great day, and I will see you tomorrow!