Tuesday, 20 January 2015

31DC-D20 - Rainbow

Hey y'all!

Today's prompt for the 31-Day Challenge is Rainbow, and since I've done a lot of different rainbow looks in
the last year or so, I really wanted to try to come up with something... different.  I started looking around for other nail art designs combining rainbow with animal print, and I found a lot of the standard leopard and tiger and zebra patterns, so I had to start thinking outside the box for something unique.  I certainly think I've accomplished that with this look - rainbow tortoise shell.

Rainbow tortoise print nail art.

Since rainbows lend themselves almost instinctively to bright and cheery, I tried to grab darker and a bit more muted versions of my primary colors, a) because it's still winter, and b) because turtles and tortoises are naturally sort of dark in color.  Once again, the Barry M Gellies rise to the top.

L-R: Barry M Chilli, Mustard, and Blackberry.
After putting down a pale cream base coat and applying PVA glue to my skin, I mottled my three shades on a cosmetic sponge so they would blend together and get all my rainbow colors.

Since my stamping was going to cover a lot of the color base, I am glad I remembered to take this in-progress shot, so you can see the full range of ROYGBIV on the nails.

I then stamped the tortoise shell from MoYou London Pro Collection 03 with Konad Black.

Rainbow tortoise print nail art.

Unfortunately I wasn't paying much attention when I grabbed for my top coat - ellagee Glass is an AWESOME fast-dry top coat, but it does not play nicely with stamping, and you can see the results of that on my pinky finger.  I'm actually glad if it was going to happen, it happened on that nail because I wasn't that thrilled with the pattern on that nail anyway.  I swapped over to COT for the rest of the nails.

Rainbow tortoise print nail art.

For more rainbow nail art, be sure to check out the inlinkz below.

Please let me know what you think about this look down in the comments.  Is this a look you'd wear, or have I taken it a step too far this time? 

Stay warm and stay safe, and I'll see you tomorrow!