Monday, 19 January 2015

31DC-D19 - Fire

Hey y'all!

Happy Monday!  For my American readers, I hope you're able to take advantage of today's national holiday (MLK Day) to do something good.  Incidentally, today is also Robert E Lee's birthday, which is kind of ironic but I suppose those two days fall simultaneously every once in a while.  In further unfortunate coincidence, today is also marked as Confederate Heroes day in a couple of states, and on an even more bizarre turn of events, it's also National Gun Appreciation Day.  Seriously?  Does anyone else see the unfolding problem here?  I just... okay, let's just be clear here... on a day of unfortunate convergences of suspiciously differing ideological memorials, a) don't be a racist, b) don't shoot anyone.  With all that said, it seems almost comical to segue into today's nail art prompt, which is... I can't.  I just can't.  It's Fire, people.  We're doing Fire nail art today, so c) don't blow anything up or set anything on fire.  Dot have mercy.

Purple flame pin-drag marble nail art.

I opted to do a purple flame technique for this prompt, and because I have so very very many purple polishes, it was pretty easy to find a set of colors from a single brand.  I decided on my Sinfuls, because I had the best range of color without having to play with funny finishes.

L-R: Sinful Colors Tempest, Dream On, Amethyst, and Let's Talk
Unfortunately neither of my cameras were able to pick up the deep purple jelly undertone in Let's Talk, because it comes off as very blue in all my photos, but I didn't want to mess with color correcting that since it would seriously skew my skin tone, so... it is what it is.

Purple flame pin-drag marble nail art.

I started with two coats of Let's Talk on all nails except my ring finger, which I oddly left bare just to see what would happen.  I used the dry marble technique of pin-dragging to create the flames on all nails, lining blobs of wet polish from tip to cuticle and then using a pin needle to pull the colors up and create the flames.  There are many tutorials on how to do this - just search for flame nail art tutorial on YouTube and have a look.  Personally, I think Robin Moses makes the prettiest ones, but she always does everything so beautifully.

Purple flame pin-drag marble nail art.

Though it may not be obvious, the only difference in colors between the accent nail and the rest is that the accent nail doesn't have any Let's Talk on it - it's just the other three colors.  I quite like how the look is so muted and subtle on the rest of the nails.

Be sure to check out the other Fire inspired nails in the inlinkz below.

PS:  It's also National Popcorn Day, so... maybe you could celebrate by heating up some Jiffy Pop over real flames instead of microwaving a bag, or on an electric stove.  I don't know.  I just wrote myself into a hole and can't seem to write myself out again. 

Hope you're all playing it calm, cool, and collected, and I'll see ya tomorrow.