Thursday, 27 November 2014

Fall-ing for Nail Art: Traditional Thanksgiving

Hey y'all!

Happy Thanksgiving!  To my US readers, I hope you're all stuffed to the gills with yummy food and in the company of loved ones.  At the very least, I hope each and everyone one of you can find something for which to be thankful, and that goes for all of you, regardless of your national origin or geographic location.  Today's final prompt in the Fall-ing for Nail Art challenge is Traditional Thanksgiving images, and I bounced back on forth for this prompt for several days, trying to find something that wasn't too cliched or that hasn't been seen a million times already.  I've got a very untraditional take on traditional images, and it was inspired by my shopping trip today where I was really overloaded with all the Christmas decorations and sales going up in November.  It seems to happen earlier and earlier with each passing year, and here in the UK I was actually seeing Christmas sales going up before Halloween!

Christmas sales and decorations nail art.

To begin this nail art, I started with a coat of Maybelline Onyx Black on all nails, topped with a coat of Icing Rainboots, which is a gorgeous metallic blue that isn't even opaque enough in two coats for me to do anything but layer it.  When it was dry, I added a coat of Beauty UK Matte Top Coat to prep the nails for acrylic paints.

Christmas sales and decorations nail art.

I used a dotting tool to add my red and green decorations, and a detail brush to create my sale tag signs on the thumb and ring finger.  When all my paint was dry, I added a coat of SV and then another coat of matte.

Christmas sales and decorations nail art.

To see some more "traditional" Traditional Thanksgiving images, be sure to check out the inlinkz below.

I hope you're all well, safe, warm, and happy today and every day.  I have many things for which I am thankful, but I want to share that I am thankful for each and every one of you who visits my page, likes me work, and takes the time to leave a comment.  Your encouragement and support mean the world to me, and without your love, I definitely would not have found the heart to keep creating content and sharing it with you.

As always, enjoy your day, and I will see you tomorrow!