Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Guest Post: Roz of Roz's Nail-Scapades

Hey y'all!

Today's guest feature is the lovely and talented blogger behind Roz's Nail-Scapades, whom I met through the British Nail Bloggers group on FB.  She is probably the most faithful TPT and GOT blogger I can think of, and her designs never fail to delight me.  Take it away, Roz!

Hi everyone,

I am so happy to be bringing you this mani. I would first of all like to thank Ali for giving me this opportunity to do a guest blog post on her blog. Thanks hun :)

What I have for you today is a watermarble extravaganza with the Kiko Milano Polishes I bought back in March. There is a store which opened in the next town over to me in Leeds and I just had to visit it. I bought 3 polishes when I was there and I want to show you today how they look when watermarbled and what my experience was.

I decided to try different polish combinations on each nail (or try to) at least. There was no base colour used on any of them just a base coat to protect the nail.

On the thumb and index and pinky I used Kiko 266 Ultramarine Blue and 343 Spring Green. On the Middle finger I used Kiko 266 Ultramarine Blue and Kiko 505 Pearly Honeysuckle Pink and on my ring finger I used Kiko 343 Spring Green and 505 Pearly Honeysuckle Pink.

Here are the results.

As I thought with previous application they water marble great. They spread, they have a smooth effect, they don't go to opaque. Even me who is a relative novice at water marbeling had some success with this. They form great shapes and are so easy to work with. The only problem I found slightly was with the pink but I am sure that was because there was glitter in that one that you can see on my middle finger.

I will definitely be buying more to use because they are so inexpensive and so good to work with. Thank you for reading and thank you Ali for having me.

Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing this beautiful water marble, Roz!  I don't have any Kiko polishes yet, but I definitely want to make an effort to find some, because they always look so pretty in swatches and nail art!

If you like Roz's work and want to see more, feel free to start with some of my personal favorites:

Hope you're all having a fantastic day, and I'll see ya soon!