Monday, 17 November 2014

Art Gecko Nail Art

*** This post contains items which were sent for review and affiliate links. ***

Hey y'all!

Monday's here again, but luckily Mr. Faff is off work today, so we're going to indulge in some retail therapy... mostly because I need a new leather jacket, so we're off to the shops.  However, I can say that my nails will look fabulous doing it!  Today I have the cutest nail charms to show you, which I received for review from bornprettystore, and I'm calling this look... art gecko. :)

Art gecko nail art.

Did you just die a little bit?  I totally did.  I am so in love with these little nail charms that I just had to create a whole look around them!

Art gecko nail art.

So, to break it down, I started with 3 coats of Octopus Party Ink or Swim on all but my ring finger, which has two coats of Barry M Mustard.  I then stamped the scale design from Cici & Sisi plate 10 on my index and pinky nails in Mustard, which doesn't make the greatest stamping polish over a dark base, but it worked for this purpose.  I added the black iridescent rhinestones on my ring finger (sent for review from BPS previously), and then perched my little gecko on my middle finger to check everything out!

Art gecko nail art.

The gecko charms come in a pack of 5 and are also available in silver.  I couldn't resist getting a picture of the rest of the pack "sunning" themselves on my amethyst.  Like most nail charms, they should be reusable as long as you are careful about removal and clean them with non-acetone polish remover.

5Pcs/set Mask Clover Gecko Design Rhinestone 3D Nail Art Decoration
Also available under this item number 16614 are two other designs, a four-leaf clover and a masquerade mask, both in silver.  The geckos measure 1.7 x 1cm, or about 5/8 x 3/8in, and are complete with white rhinestone backs and black rhinestone eyes.

If you are in love with these nail charms, be sure to check out the rest of the nail art supplies selection.  Remember that when you make a purchase, you can use discount code FXX31 for 10% off regularly marked items in your cart!

Hope you're all having a fantastic Monday, and I will see you Wednesday!