Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Fall-ing for Nail Art: Cinnamon Apples

Hey y'all!

I'm back today with another look for the Fall-ing for Nail Art challenge, and this time the prompt is Fall Foods!  I had a good long think about all the ways I could interpret this prompt and finally settled on a combo that creates one of my favorite fragrances of autumn: cinnamon and apples!

Cinnamon and apple nail art.

To create this look, I started with two coats of OPI DS Reflection on all nails.  This is a gorgeous cherry red holo that will get its own swatch post coming soon!

Cinnamon and apple nail art.

I then painted in my red and green apples and cinnamon sticks using acrylic paints.  If you've read my blog for very long, you know that I'm pretty lousy at freehand painting, but I figured this would be simple enough.  Unfortunately when I added the cinnamon sticks, they initially ended up looking like logs of poo, so I came back in with the black lines to try to add some dimension.  Not sure it really looks like cinnamon, but it's definitely less disgusting than before.

Cinnamon and apple nail art.

When I was done, I topped everything off with a coat of SV to seal it in.  Also, hey lookie there!  I even did macros of my juvenile freehand work! :)

Cinnamon and apple nail art. Cinnamon and apple nail art.

Of course if you love food-themed nail art, you should definitely check out the other looks in the inlinkz below.

I hope you enjoyed this look.  Tell me down below what your favorite Autumn/Fall foods are!

Have a great day, and I'll see ya tomorrow!