Saturday, 8 November 2014

Hey, Swatch It! ILNP Iconic

Hey y'all!

Have you been enjoying the changing weather and the line of guest posts?  In the past week, I've definitely had to pull out my sweaters/jumpers and furry slippers, and cranking on the heat during the day.  Sadly, I also packed away all my flipflops and open-toed shoes to replace them with my boots.  On the plus side, this means I don't have to worry about shaving my legs for at least 4 months!  On the plus side, cooler weather also means that a lot of indie polish makers are releasing some fabulous fall and winter collections, and today's swatches are from just such a collection.  I picked up a few new ILNPs whilst we were in Texas, and today I want to show you Iconic.

Swatch of ILNP Iconic.

This beautiful rose gold holographic polish is a true winner for me.  It rides the fine line between gold and champagne colors, and it doesn't clash with my skin tone the way some gold shades are wont to do.  Application was super easy, as I've come to expect from this brand, and these swatches show 3 lovely coats, topped with SV.

Swatch of ILNP Iconic.

Swatch of ILNP Iconic.

Of course, being in the lightbox diffuses the holographic shine, so I let me LED daylight bulb set the rainbows on fire for you.  This also deepens the color of the polish into more of a coppery rose gold, so you can definitely see how this would shift in different lighting situations.

Swatch of ILNP Iconic under daylight LED bulb.

ILNP continues to impress me with their formula and colors.  I am also quite eager to see the new bottles that she announced last month - the preview pics looked gorgeous!

Hope you're all having a fantastic Saturday!  I've got a couple more guest posts for you coming up this week, and then I will be back in the drivers seat for the rest of the year.  See y'all soon!