Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Fall-ing for Nail Art: Elegant Gold and Purple

Hey y'all!

Happy Humpday!  Today's prompt for the Fall-ing for Nail Art challenge brings us to Fall Inspired Colors.  Now, most people tend to think of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns when it comes to fall colors, but I went a different direction to create this look.

An elegant gold and purple nail art look.

So why did I choose purple and gold as fall colors?  Two reasons, really.  First, I didn't want all of my looks this week to have the same color palette, and definitely not the same colors as everyone else in the challenge.  Second, dark purple and gold are two of my favorite colors that come out during an autumn/winter sunset.  I took a bit of creative liberty in choosing OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby, a cooler gold, to contrast sharply against the deep, dark tones in ILNP Black Orchid, which I swatched for you over the weekend.  I started this look with two coats of Love.Angel.Music.Baby on my thumb and ring finger, and two coats of Black Orchid on the other three.

An elegant gold and purple nail art look.

I stamped a jacquard pattern from the MoYou London Fashionista 08 plate over my index and pinky nails in Love.Angel.Music.Baby and then with tape, I sectioned off half the nail diagonally to cover with the same polish.  When that was dry, I added gold striping tape to further divide the nail.  I then added the line of gold studs down my middle finger, and the three black AB rhinestones on my thumb and ring finger to complete the look.

An elegant gold and purple nail art look.

For more looks inspired by Fall colors, check out the inlinkz below.

Let me know what you think down in the comments!  I know for a lot of you, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, so remember that you should have already been thawing those frozen turkeys by now if you want them ready to put in the oven tomorrow morning!  Please enjoy the rest of the week, and I'll see you tomorrow!