Saturday, 22 November 2014

Hey, Swatch It! ILNP Black Orchid

Hey y'all!

Happy Saturday!  Last week I showed you Iconic, ILNP's rose gold holographic polish.  Today I have another holo from the Fall 2014 collection, and this one's a personal squeeing favorite.  Black Orchid is a dark eggplant holo gem that I just couldn't stop staring at!

Swatch and review of ILNP Black Orchid.

As usual, ILNP puts out the perfect formula in terms of ease of application and color payoff.  This vampy darling is swatched here at 3 coats, though you could certainly get away with 2, and is topped with SV.

Swatch and review of ILNP Black Orchid.

Swatch and review of ILNP Black Orchid.

Since the sun has gone into hibernation here in England, I used my trusty LED daylight lamp to bring out the holo sparkle from this darkened purple base.

Swatch and review of ILNP Black Orchid.

Oh, hey... remember when I used to do macros?  Yeah.  That. 

Macro swatch of ILNP Black Orchid.

ILNP was my first indie, so the brand will always hold a special place in my heart, but if Barbra keeps cranking out beauties like this, I will continue feeling perfectly justified in my admiration.  They're just... so perfect!  Who is your favorite indie polish maker?  Let me know down in the comments... maybe you'll turn me on to someone new!  

I hope your weekends are going well, and I will see ya Monday!