Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hey, Swatch It! Orly Galaxy Girl

Hey y'all!

I've had today's swatchy beauty sitting in the back of my stash box for several months, waiting for autumn to come around because I think it's a color that screams falls.  This little baby came to me via a Geeky Owl blog sale, and let me tell you that rarely have I been so happy to take someone else's cast offs!  Today is all about Orly's Galaxy Girl!

Swatch of Orly Galaxy Girl.

Galaxy Girl is a rich, brown-toned berry jelly, stuffed fill of gorgeous blue flecky shimmer that has a bit of duochrome shift.  The first coat is a bit streaky, but the formula is easy to work with and the second coat gives full opacity.  These swatches are 2 coats, no topcoat.

Swatch of Orly Galaxy Girl.

You may have noticed I've been in a "matte all the things!" kick lately, and this was no different.  Below you'll see those shimmer flecks pop out all over under a coat of Sally Hansen big matte top coat.

Swatch of Orly Galaxy Girl, matted.

So I know this polish came out in 2010, but I SO DON'T CARE!  It ticks so many of my marks that I am excited to have it in my collection.  I mean, hello?  Purple jelly?  Shifting shimmer flecks?  Deep and vampy?  Yeah.  It's a keeper.

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend and I will see you again on Monday!