Friday, 24 October 2014

Guest Post: Kimberley of Little Red Loves

Hey y'all!

In order to free up some time for me to a) job hunt, b) gear up for an upcoming 31-Day-Challenge, and c) take a vacation, over the next few weeks, I'm going to be letting some guest bloggers take over the reigns here at Fixin To Faff.  Today I would like to introduce you to Kimberley, a lovely young lady here in the UK whose blog focuses not only on her really pretty nail art designs, but also other beauty/cosmetics reviews and some DELICIOUS-looking baking recipes!  Please welcome the genius behind Little Red Loves!

Hello to all of Ali's readers here at Fixin To Faff. This is my first ever guest post so do forgive me if its not the most amazing thing you have read, but its pretty tough to live up to the standard of the rest of the manis here. I'm Kim from Little Red Loves and I have been secretly following Ali's blog for a long time now, so when I saw she was looking for guest posters I snapped up the opportunity straight away!

For this is created a special Water Marble mani as I have always wanted to be as good at it as Ali is. Sadly I think I need a bit more practice but as it wasn't a total fail I decided to share the images anyway.
So here it is! For this mani I used Barry M Coconut, Barry M Sugar Apple and Models Own Indian Ocean.

I started off with my favourite base coat which is Rimmel Nail Nurse and then painted two coats of Sugar Apple on my index and little finger. I also did two coats of Coconut on the rest of my nails and waited until totally dry.

Then using all three polishes I began creating my water marble and I have to admit I did redo my ring finger a couple of times because I kept getting water stuck underneath the pattern, but I am pretty happy with the end result.

To finish the mani off I painted my index and little finger with a coat of Indian Ocean and sealed all nails in with a coat of Seche Vite.

I definitely will keep trying to improve my water marble skills to get a lot better for a novice I am pretty pleased with myself and I hope you like them too! Sorry that the marble doesn't show up very well but it was such a pretty subtle look!

Let me know what you think and whether you have any tips for me… Also if you liked my mani feel free to follow me via Bloglovin here or checkout my blog here for other posts including baking and beauty related items.

I can't thank Ali enough for letting me do this post, especially when I am such a fan, so make sure you give her the love she deserves by leaving plenty of comments on her posts and liking pics on Instagram.

Thanks Ali!


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Aww, she does flatter me so.  Personally, I love a subtle nail art look like this - something that makes you have to take a closer look and really examine it to see all the neat little details.  I liken it to the story about Elvis in the recording studio.  Rumor has it that he fought with his sound engineers because they kept wanting to turn his vocals up really loud, and he wanted them kept softer so the listener would have to actively listen to hear the lyrics.  I don't know if that story is true or not, but I like to believe that it is, and I this he had the right idea about art.  Someone who truly appreciates art will stop and take notice of the tiny details, and the subtle designs.  I may not always create my own art that way (hello, garish and in-your-face!) - but I always appreciate it on other people, and I hope y'all do too!

Thank you for sharing this beautiful water marble and for taking the time to stop by and visit with us, Kimberley! 

I hope y'all take note of this talented young lady, because I predict she's going to give us some truly remarkable designs in the future.  If you would like to see more of her work, here are a few of my personal favorites to get you started:

Y'all be sure to let Kimberley know what you think of this look in the comments down below, and check out her blog, as well.  Seriously.  Her baking bits? The Oreo Mint Cream Cupcakes?  The Red Velvet Swiss Roll?  The Lemon & Chia Seed Cupcakes?  I'm DYING OVER HERE!!!

As always, I hope you're off to a fantastic weekend, and I will see you tomorrow!