Saturday, 11 October 2014

Hey Swatch It: Laquerlicious In Like Flynn

Hey y'all!

As part of my recent clearance haul on Rainbow Connection UK I picked up a couple of gorgeous polishes from another new-to-me brand, Laquerlicious.  Today I want to show you this ultra-cool creation, In Like Flynn.

Swatch of Laquerlicious In Like Flynn.

Sometimes, polishes just make me excited for no specific reason - it's like the polish gods converge around a maker and the muses help inspire a bottle full of unique and awesome.  So it is with this jelly glitterbomb.  In Like Flynn is a green jelly base full of pink, fuchsia, blue, and teal holographic glitters in a whole assortment of shapes and sizes, but the fun doesn't stop there!  Just for good measure, she added a heap of blue shimmer which makes the whole polish resemble an effervescent cauldron of goodies! 

Application was really good for a polish full of so many large glitters.  I did a tiny bit of fishing for some of the stars, but otherwise this all came out on the bottle brush, to my enjoyment.  My swatches show 2 coats of In Like Flynn with 2 coats of Gelous and one coat of SV.

Swatch of Laquerlicious In Like Flynn.

I couldn't help but matte this swatch, and could not have been more pleased to see those blue shimmers pop up all over the place!  This is In Like Flynn under one coat of Sally Hansen big matte top coat.

Swatch of Laquerlicious In Like Flynn matted.

I'm so excited about this addition to my stash.  It's really unique for me, and I think it works so well, especially during the Halloween season!  Let me know what you think down in the comments.  I did some nail art which I'll show you in a few days, but I would love suggestions on how you would wear this pretty little gem.

As always, I hope you're having a fantastic weekend, and I look forward to seeing you soon!