Saturday, 25 October 2014

Hey, Swatch It! Nelly Polish Polperro

Hey y'all!

Did you realize Halloween is just around the corner?  Yeah, me either.  It's been crazy to me seeing everything in stores "pumpkin spice" this, and "pumpkin filled" that.  I like pumpkin, but it's almost overkill.  However, today I have a pumpkin-y polish to show you that I don't think I could possibly get sick of!  This little beauty came to me as a gift from another blogger, and I have been saving it for the end of October because it's so seasonally appropriate.  This is Nelly Polish Polperro.

Swatch of Nelly Polish Polperro.

Admittedly, I'd never even heard of this brand before, but as it turns out she is a UK indie who ships the dry ingredient mixes for her polishes internationally, so if you love a shade, you can stir the mix into your own clear polish to get your shade!  UK customers can purchase polishes already mixed and bottled, which is how this one came to me.  The formula was slightly thick but very workable, and these swatches show two coats with no topcoat.

Swatch of Nelly Polish Polperro.

Polperro is a gorgeous pumpkin crelly full of gold hexes and copper micro glitters, and self-levels to a naturally matte finish.  How lovely is this?

Swatch of Nelly Polish Polperro.

I couldn't resist seeing it glossy, as well, so I topped it with a coat of OTD.

Swatch of Nelly Polish Polperro, glossy.

This being my first Nelly Polish, I'm highly impressed!  You can find this gem and many others on the Nelly Polish website.

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend, and I will see you soon!