Sunday, 29 June 2014

Red White & Blue and Fireworks too!

Hey y'all!

Continuing on my slightly homesick nail art journey, I wanted to sneak in a patriotic Independence Day mani for y'all, with full knowledge that these Brits may kick me out for doing so.  In fairness, I drink more tea than I throw in the harbor, and while I still haven't started using all those extraneous "U"s in my writing, I have begun naturally referring to my phone as my mobile instead of my cell, and I now complain about how many adverts interrupt my television, rather than fast-forwarding through the commercials.  Expat life really does change a person, yo.  Anyway... the upcoming holiday gave me a chance to showcase a beautiful UK indie that I picked up from a shop which closed earlier this year, and I was able to snatch up several bottles before they were gone for good.  Additionally, I got to play with a new stamping plate from Vivid Lacquer, so all's good on the home front, and I bring you this installment of Sunday Stamping.

Independence Day Red White Blue Fireworks Nail Art

Unfortunately because this look came of me "having a play," I ended up using a huge mass of polishes.  Seriously, I haven't used this many polishes in one nail art look since my dragon egg nails!

A selection of Barry M, China Glaze, Pocket Money Polishes, Pure Ice, ELF, and Sinful Colors
I began with two simple coats of Sinful Colors Whipped on my thumb, index, and pinky, and topped those with a dabbed mass of Pocket Money Polishes Born In the USA.  I'd mentioned before that this maker has closed shop, but I'm absolutely in love with this glitter mix of red and blue bars, blue hexes, white squares and stars, and tiny red hexes.

Independence Day Red White Blue Fireworks Nail Art

To set off the festive outer nails, I created a night sky on my middle and ring fingernails using a gradient of China Glaze Up All Night and Barry M Blue Grape and Damson.  When that sponging was dry, I topped it with a thin coat of elf Glitter Glam, which may be discontinued as well but if you need a sub I think China Glaze Fairy Dust would achieve the same look.  With my night sky complete, it was time to add fireworks!  I added isolated firework images both small and large from the Vivid Lacquer plate 015 using a whole mess of other colors, including Pure Ice Superstar! and a bunch of other Barry M Gelly polishes.

Independence Day Red White Blue Fireworks Nail Art

When it was all said and done, I realized that maybe I should've done the gradient all over the place instead of using the black background, which might have pulled the nails together a bit better.  I still love the individual aspects, but I'm not sure they necessarily go together very well.  This is what happens when you just start throwing nail art together, though, and I learn something new with each "fail".

Hope you are all having a great weekend, and I'll see ya tomorrow!

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