Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hey Swatch It! BeautyUK Coral Burst

Hey y'all!

Today I wanted to share with you the gorgeous polish I won from Nail Newbie's BeautyUK giveaway.  I was able to correctly identify the brand and won this lovely bright warm red polish, Coral Burst.

BeautyUK Coral Burst Swatch

I think I naturally tend to shy away from shades like these, which I consider "true reds", because the warm undertones intimidate me.  I know that I cannot wear shades like this on my face under any circumstances, but I actually quite like color on my fingers.  I don't think it gives me that sallow, greyed out complexion as bad as I feared, and I daresay it's quite flattering.  I'm actually a bit confused as to why they've named it Coral Burst, as it's definitely far too deep a red to be a true coral.  Saying that, it reminds me of elf's Fire Coral, which is also a warm toned red with a coral name. 

BeautyUK Coral Burst Swatch

This is two coats of Coral Burst with no topcoat, so you can see the naturally lovely glossy finish.  Application was lovely as well, with the formula being nice and thin but still incredibly opaque.  Were it not for just a hint of VNL, this would be an easy one-coater, which means it will definitely end up being tester for stamping sometime soon.

BeautyUK Coral Burst Swatch

You actually wind up being able to see some of that VNL I talked about in these photos, but I didn't catch that IRL, so it isn't really too concerning.  Dry time on this was reasonable, being touch dry in about 5 minutes (3 minutes under the fan). 

BeautyUK Coral Burst Swatch

I want to give a big thank you to Helen, the Nail Newbie, and Beauty UK for this prize.  It has certainly piqued my interest in this new collection of 22 colors, so I'll be checking out the display next time I head into Superdrug!

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend.  I'm planning on spending the rest of mine marathoning Mad Men, although Mr. Faff just brought home the box set of League of Gentlemen, so that may work into the rotation as well.  Failing that, we also have Heroes on deck because hubby's never seen it and has become intrigued since I am always pointing out Heroes alums in the other shows we watch.  There's a surprising number of them all over the place!

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Also, before you leave... have you entered the giveaway yet?

Have fun, and I'll see you guys tomorrow!