Wednesday, 11 June 2014

One-stroke Calla Lily Nail Art - LNTC

Hey y'all!

I had been dreading this technique for several weeks now, and in fact put the actual painting off until just yesterday, which only made it even more stressful.  It's not that I'm afraid of one-stroke painting, necessarily, but my painting skills are not large and I'm just a beginner with using acrylic paints on nails anyway.  This one seemed... more daunting.  With that said, let me present to you my one-stroke tulips nail art.

One-stroke calla lily nail art

As you can see, something went a little haywire on this one.  Because I was so nerve-wrecked about the painting, I decided to o them on false nails, and this was a good opportunity for me to test out these stiletto pointed ones that I recently ordered.  I painted them each with three coats of OPI Alcatraz... Rocks and then topped with a coat of Sally Hansen Big Matte topcoat.  All was fine and good at this point.

One-stroke calla lily nail art

The following day, I went in to actually paint my calla lilies, and somehow managed to paint the wrong two nails.  I had each nail blue-tacked onto either end of an orange stick, and I picked up the wrong stick to paint, so the lilies that I intended to go on my middle and ring fingers are on my thumb and index finger.  Totally frustrating.  When I realized my mistake, I considered painting all the other nails to match, but A) the 2 nails alone were so frustrating for me, and B) I'd already cleaned up my whole kit including washing out my brushes.  These are the problems you face when your work area is the same surface on which you take photos.   However, I can lightly salvage this fail by posting macros of the two nails I did. 

One-stroke calla lily nail art One-stroke calla lily nail art

I ended up using two different small flat brushes and one liner brush to paint these.  I discovered that it took many many coats to get a decent opacity built on the flowers, and that I really need a lot more practice with this technique.  I think I'd like to try it over a pale, untextured base next time to see if it makes things any easier for me.  I specifically did not topcoat because I didn't want to lose any of the dimension in the greenery, since it's kind of hard to see anyway.  Topcoating that would've brought everything down to a flat layer and I knew that wouldn't work.

Otherwise, I think the lilies themselves are "okay."  There's definitely room for improvement but I'm satisfied that I at least managed to make something that looked like the flowers I was after.

What do you think?

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Hope you're all having a fantastic week, and I'll see ya soon!


  1. I think this is really cute! I see what you mean that they are on the wrong nails to which you wanted, but I think it still looks pretty cool!

  2. I love it! I don't think that they're on the 'wrong' nails. Who said that an accent nail has to be in the middle? Perhaps you just started a new trend!


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