Saturday, 28 March 2015

Texas Polish Haul

Oh.  Hi y'all!

I apologize for the delay in today's post.  Apparently the last few days have fallen into a black hole where the only things that exist are hot water bottles, Midol, and Downton Abbey on the DVR.  Don't judge me.  However, I promised you a haul post from my Texas trip, so I dragged my lazy fat butt up the stairs and set to work taking pics of all the pretty things that I'd already managed to put away but it's okay because it's for you and you're like family.  F'realsies.

To start out, let me just talk about a couple of things I recently got in that were not technically part of the "Texas" haul, but since I received them in the last week and I'm enamored with the shiny, I'm going to share them anyway.  The Ebay bug has struck again, and since I have a birfdie coming up next weekend, I did a little shopping for myself. 

Just take a moment and look.  LOOK at the tiny TARDIS earrings.  They are my preciouses!  I keep a tiny 10 in one and a tiny Metacrisis in the other and when I cannot sleep at night, they tell me how clever I am.

I also found a couple of retailers that do some really cool and inexpensive Swarovski packets, so I loaded up on several, including some black crystals in several sizes, clear pyramids, clear AB squares, and several different colors of standard cut, including those big, gorgeous fire opals in the center.  Cannot wait to play!

Okay, so moving backward, now, let's talk about the things I actually got on my trip.  First up are a couple of items that were waiting for me when I arrived, because my mommy is goodly enough to receive packages when I order things on tha pooter.

MY MUNDOS ARE HERE!  YAY!!!  I had actually ordered these last fall in anticipation of the trip we made back in October, but my timing was horrible and they actually arrived a couple of days after we had left to come home, so they've been sitting in my old bedroom waiting for me all this time.  They obviously need to be mixed really well because they've separated pretty badly, but I'm so excited to finally have these stamper lemmings in my hot little hands!

Also, I placed my first order with Madam Glam during a hella sale, wherein I got this gel polish starter kit for around $50, which includes the soak off base, color, and top gels along with a very portable LED light.  I LUUUV that LED light!  It's so much smaller and handier than my big UV box, so it can actually live on my desk instead of in my kit.  I'm also really impressed with the gel polishes (if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I did a couple of girlfriends' nails using this set and the results were pretty fab!).  FYI, the color I chose is Vintage Pink.

Also in gel polish news, I hit up the clearance gels at Sally while I was in town, and got a few really great deals on a variety of different polishes.  I also snagged the last Red Carpet Aries glitter polish at one of the Ultas in town, so that was a bonus.

I kept my regular polish haul really small this trip, comparatively.  Found a few good deals between Sally, Ulta, and Walmart, so these new pretties came home with me.

My other frequent stop when I'm in town is Walgreens, where I found a couple of new Sinful Shines (for $1 each) and two more of the Velvet Texture releases that didn't make it to the UK.

The most important haul item, though, I've saved for last, because it's THAT important.  I finally got myself a VERY NECESSARY back scratcher for my office, because inevitably I get the worst itches just as soon as I have wet polish on my nails.  I found the Bear Claw at HEB, and it's sturdy metal on a telescoping, padded handle.  SO GOOD!

So, I also got a couple bits of clothing and makeup and stuff, but nothing terribly cool or interesting.  I also got a bit of jewelry, but mostly I couldn't be bothered to pull it all off the hangers and set up pictures, so, I'm sorry.  Maybe one day I'll have my ish together.

Until then, I hope you're all having a great weekend, and I'll see ya Monday!