Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Zigzags and Confetti nail art - TPTC

*** This post contains items which were sent for review. ***

Hey y'all!

First off, I just need to say that ever since yesterday, I've had the song Trouty Mouth stuck in my head.  It's torture.  Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.  You may have figured out by now that I've really been having fun playing with the new stamping plates that MoYou Nails sent to me for review, because I've been on a bit of a stamping spree the last few days.  Today's Tri-Polish nail art is no exception, except that I also got to use three of the new polishes that I purchased from MoYou Nails as well.   The first Tuesday in August brings round a new set of colors with which to work, and I ended up with this look which has a bit of a circus feel to it.

Circus ZigZags and Confetti Nail Art

I hadn't intentionally grabbed these primary colors for the TPTC, but I was certainly pleased with myself when I realized I had them.  For a bit of added festivity, I also grabbed an untried indie from my stash.

MoYou Nails Special Nail Polish Yellow Light Blue Red
L-R: MoYou Yellow, Light Blue, and Red, Belle Glamour unnamed glitter topper
All of the stamping in this manicure comes courtesy of MoYou plate 128.

MoYou Nails stamping plate 128 zigzag pattern MoYou Nails stamping plate 128 flower image

I began with a base of Yellow on my thumb, ring, and pinky nails, and Light Blue on my middle and index nails.  One of the primary motivators for me to actually make a purchase of these polishes is that they're a perfect consistency and opacity for painting as well as stamping - something that can't be said for all "special" polishes!

Circus ZigZags and Confetti Nail Art

I created the vertical gradient on my zigzag nails with a rounded-edge makeup sponge (shaped like a flower petal).  This was my first time trying to do a gradient this way, and I can see that the technique definitely needs some work, but I think it does the job for this look.  After sealing the gradient with SV, I stamped the zigzag pattern in Yellow.

Circus ZigZags and Confetti Nail Art

My yellow nails were each topped with a couple coats of the glitter topper, chock full of black and red hexes and light blue bar glitters.  I specifically grabbed this one because I thought the colors matched so well!  I honestly can't remember if I bought this polish or if Catriona gifted it to me with the rest of my purchase, but it happened as she was closing her shop down so I'm not sure it really matters at this point because unfortunately it isn't available anymore anyway.  I stamped the flower image from the plate after sealing the glitter in with a couple of coats of SV to make it smooth.  Thankfully the stamped image is a little more visible in pics than it was in real life.

After everything was dry, I finished the look by matting it with NYC Matte Me Crazy.

In all honesty, I think I pretty much hated this as soon as I was done with it.  It's a bit too loud and obnoxious, even for me, and I think the fact that it evokes circus images probably freaks me out a little bit as well.  However, I definitely love the polishes and the plates, and tis a poor artist who would blame her tools.  In this instance, the tools performed beautifully, but the concept was a bit faulty from the get-go.  I'm calling this a personal fail, but I'm posting it anyway for posterity.

Please check out the undoubtedly much prettier creations of these other lovely ladies for the first blue, red, and yellow Tri-Polish Tuesdays.

Hope you're all well, and I'll see ya soon!