Monday, 11 August 2014

MoYou Nails new plates and polish review

*** This post contains items which were sent for review. ***

Hey y'all!

As you have probably noticed if you're a regular reader, I've been playing around with some new MoYou Nails stamping plates in the past couple of weeks, and I wanted to kind of compile all of that into one big review post so you can get a quick overview for the products.  The company sent me plates 122, 123, and 128, and the Special Nail Polish in Orange to review, and with them I've created a number of looks.

MoYou Nails plates and polish review

First off, I did a live stamping test of all three plates on my YouTube channel.  In that video, I did a live stamp swatching on white paper using black polish.  While some of the images needed more/less polish and/or different angles of swiping, every single image was well etched and gave a great impression.

Plate 122

MoYou Nails plates and polish review Plate 122

I really dig this plate.  It has a lot of great patterns, and my favorites are the concentric squares and the cross-hatch.  I also quite like the little bird as it reminds me of a classic tattoo style image.  

I used this plate for two different Colour Me Crazy challenges - blue and green.

MoYou Nails plates and polish review

 Plate 123

MoYou Nails plates and polish review Plate 123

Although it's a big more challenging to work with, I was able to get some spectacular results from this plate.  I did find that this one needs a bit of finesse, and sometimes it needed double-swiping to get the cleanest image (especially on that greek-knot bead curtain image on the top row).  However, I got perfect results using it in my Gilded Brocade nail art and the stamp I put over a MoYou sunset gradient (larger pictures below).

MoYou Nails plates and polish review

Plate 128

MoYou Nails plates and polish review Plate 128

Possibly the most functional plate of the three, this one is full of images that can be used in multiple ways.  I has my favorite fish scale image of all the plates I own because the size is perfect and the lines are nice and bold.  I also adore the v-shape rays, and we can all use zigzags and bars, right?  I used this plate for the  tri-polish zigzag confetti circus nails and glorious rainbow trout nails (which got me noticed by China Glaze on Instagram!) shown below.

MoYou Nails plates and polish review

Orange Special Nail Polish

I received this polish separate from the nail plates and was so pleased to receive it because I am steadily falling more in love with MoYou Nails Special Nail Polish as I try them more.  I also did a video review and stamp swatching of the five polishes I actually purchased from the company, so I decided I should test the stamping properties of the orange polish the same way - over a white-to-black gradient.

MoYou Nails plates and polish swatch review Orange

As you can see, it has a vibrant stamp over white and grey, but it does go a bit transparent as the base color gets darker.  However, it's still clearly visible over a black base, so that means I can still use it for some stamping purposes.  I also decided to swatch it as a nail polish (because they're dual-purpose, yanno!) in this nail art look.

MoYou Nails plates and polish swatch review Orange

This swatch shows two coats of MoYou Nails Orange with SV topcoat.  I find that the Special Nail Polishes usually need two coats if they're used by themselves, but if you use them over white, you can get away with a single, vibrant coat.  

MoYou Nails plates and polish swatch review Orange

On my ring finger, I created a tropical sunset gradient with MoYou Yellow, Orange, and Red, and stamped the image from plate 123 in Konad White.  

MoYou Nails plates and polish swatch review Orange

I really have been having an absolute blast playing with these plates and polishes.  They're so versatile and I find myself looking at upcoming challenge prompts, wondering if I can find a way to sneak another usage in.  I can definitely recommend both the plates and the polishes, though I do have to advise that not all of the polishes stamp well over dark bases.

If you're looking to find some new pretties with which to play, please do check out MoYou Nails both for their adorable plates and spectacular polishes.  Additionally, they carry stamping supplies and other nail accessories.  Right now, everyone will receive a free pack of nail wraps with their orders, and all orders over £34.99 have fast, free UK shipping, They're also on Facebook!