Thursday, 27 March 2014

Happy Birthday Capt Tightpants, featuring Browncoat Nailart

Hey y'all!

Today should have been a GOT Polish challenge mani, but... well, we all know that I only do that when I feel like it, and the yellow/peach theme was not nearly as enticing to me as celebrating the birthday of my #1 on the laminated list - Mr. Nathan Fillion.  I have <3ed him literally since he was Joey Buchanan, and as we all know, a man's Buchananity is what separates him from reptiles and lawn furniture.  I even forgive you for that horrible affair with Dorian, Joey.  History aside, however, Nathan is best known for two roles anymore - if you know him, it's either as Captain Malcolm Reynolds on "Firefly"/"Serenity", or as Rick Castle on "Castle".

In any event, to celebrate my future baby daddy's 43rd birthday, I did my nails!  So much shock!  So much surprise!

via Troll Meme Generator

I decided there was no better day to finally do some Browncoat nails than today, so there we have it!

It's all spacey and stuff.  Sort of a galaxy mani courtesy of a new indie brand Octopus Party Nail Lacquer in Star Tar.

Loving this holo glitter in a black jelly base - it really does look like the universe puked up a bunch of constellations on my nails.  Creating the total look required a mess more polishes than I normally like to use, but so it goes...

L-R: NYC Matte Me Crazy, Barry M Gold Foil, Barry M Silver Foil, LA Colors Wave Length, Octopus Party Star Tar, Rimmel Block Your Green, China Glaze White on White, Sinful Colors Whipped
Not pictured because it rolled under the light tent and I forgot about it: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen Blue
Basically, I started with a base coat of White on White on my ring finger and Whipped black on all others.  The second coat was Wave Length on my ring finger, and Star Tar on all other party guests, and everyone got a coat of SV for good measure.

I then started making my stamping decals from the MoYou Sci-Fi 03 plate, namely the little space ship and astronaut on my middle finger.  The thumb and index finger were pretty much direct stamps.  All were done in Barry M either Gold or Silver Foils.  The decals were filled in using Wave Length.

While the decals were drying, I used striping tape to mark off the two horizontal lines on my accent finger, then painted over the whole nail in Block Your Green, then removing the tape to reveal my gold-yellow lines.  I ended up actually making a decal for the blue star on this finger as well, after discovering on my first go-round that I cannot free-hand a star on my nail without making a huge mess, but apparently I can draw one on a stamp head.  Go fig.  Anyway... once all the decals were dry, I placed them on the nails and sealed them in under Matte Me Crazy, leaving my pinky glossy for some dramatic effect. 

After taking the macro shots (below) and reviewing the pics, I decided that I didn't like the Browncoat logo matted, and wanted to see if glossifying it would bring out the depth of the blue star.  It sort of does, but not as well as it looked before I matted it to begin with...  oh well.  Lesson learned.

Macros, as promised:




Ring - matted

Ring - glossy


Absolutely in love with Star Tar here - expect a full review and more swatches soon, because I actually got 2 of Octopus Party's shinies and I plan a full post dedicated just to them.  In the mean time if you'd like to check out Dave's stuff, he's currently accepting your monies on Etsy.

To close, I'm just gonna leave you with some Nathan Fillion pics.  Because, he really IS ruggedly handsome.

via Hey Girl Nathan Fillion Tumblr

Hope you're all having a fantastic week, and I'll see ya soon!  Incidentally, this is also my 100th post!  Woohoo go me party time do the cabbage patch drop it like it's hot.

PS:  Nathan... I am very serious about wanting to make beautiful tall half-Canadian, half-Texan babies with you.  My husband already knows, so no secrets, k?  Call me. 


  1. Thanks for the mancandy and the handcandy! ;)

    1. Teehee! You're very welcome! I'm happy to share him with the world.

  2. Oh woww love these, my fav is the middle finger and such a great base choice- just perfect!!!

  3. Great nails in the name of a great guy.
    Even my boyfriends approve of your choice of man- and hand candy. :)

    1. Boyfriends? Girl, we need to talk! LOL But seriously I think he is a pretty great guy. His biggest birthday wish was for everyone to donate to a clean water charity. I think that's pretty nifty!

  4. Haha these are AWESOME! You totally need to tweet this post to him with some happy bday wishes :)

    1. Girlfriend, you know I already did! LOL No response though. He's notorious for ignoring my tweets. I suspect he's playing hard to get.

    2. Hahaha! That bastard. Though I suppose we can allow some slack, it is his birthday after all :)

    3. This time, sure. I still haven't forgiven him for standing me up last year at SXSW though. Thankfully I was already at a bar, so it was easy to drown my sorrows.

  5. *sigh* Can I just say that taking this man out of space was the biggest tv mistake of all time? Great nails!

  6. These are so awesome! Love it! Nathan Fillion is the best of the best!

    1. Thank you! I think he's basically one of God's greatest gifts to geekgirldom.


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