Tuesday, 25 March 2014

She carried a watermelon through my tree... TPTC

*** Please forgive the titling of this post:  I have twisty issues in my brain.  Unless you completely understand why I did it, in which case, you've taken my heart but you don't know what you've done.  Also, RIP Patrick. ***

 Hey y'all!

Today finds us at the end of another set of colors for Tri-Polish Tuesday, and that makes me sad, because I love this set, but it's probably a little too easy to make these colors work.  I went back and forth on whether or not to post these, but ultimately they won out, and so here you have it.

I love this complex look for so many reasons, but first I'll show you the polishes I used to create it.

Left to right:
Models Own Cornflower Gleam
Pocket Money Polishes She's Like The Wind (discontinued)
Barry M Watermelon
Barry M Silver Foil
I began with a base of the Cornflower Gleam on all nails, and then dabbed/stroked on a coat of She's Like The Wind.  Now, this one makes me sad, not because I don't like it, but because I love it sooo much and it breaks my heart that PMP had to close up shop last month.  In case you're ever able to snag a bottle in a blog sale or some other weird way, SLTW is a gorgeous glitter topper filled with silver, purple, light blue, and white hexes.  This was my first usage, but I'm pretty certain I'll be going back to it over and over again, so maybe next time I'll think to swatch it on its own.

Once I was able to stop staring at STLW, I stamped over it with Watermelon using BM-422.  I love that the Gelly line is highly pigmented so it shows up well, but it doesn't completely obliterate the glitter underneath. 

Once that was done, I still felt it needed... something, so as a final step, I used Allura plate P33 (picked up in Poundland) to add what looks an awful lot like a calla lily to me in the center, with Silver Foil.

As usual, once finished, everything was sealed in with SV, and away I went!

I hope you enjoyed this design as much as I do.  I love how the glitter and the foil make it sparkle in the light, but it still has a sort of aquatic color scheme.  As always make sure to check out the other blue.purple.green looks from the Crumpet's Nail Tarts, below.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I'm glad you posted because these are pretty!!!

    1. Thank you! I really wanted to do a tutorial this month but time got away from me and I never got around to it, so... its a good thing I done this one ahead of time!

  2. Wow! These are stunning! I've never been good with stamping over glitters. I need to try it more. I never seem to pick colors that show up and work together! Oh, and nobody puts Baby in the corner!

    1. Well now you've got some good Gellies to stamp with so you can start playing with it. TBH I just kind of try to picture it in my head and run with it. And that's right, NOBODY puts Baby in the corner!

  3. Love this! Awesome colours, complex design... I don't know how you do it every time. It looks fab, my fave on this blog I've seen so far!


    1. It's about 10% skill and 90% luck! LOL Thank you!


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