Saturday, 8 March 2014

Hey Swatch It! Models Own HyperGel Collex, pt 2: Brights

Hey y'all!

As promised, I'm back today with the second "half" of my haul of Models Own HyperGels; three vibrant polishes with great color intensity.  If you loved last week's pastels and neutrals, hold on to your heinie, because the brights are gonna blow you outta your seat!

Left to right: Turquoise Gloss, Blue Glint, Coral Glaze

Let's start with the cerulean stunner, Blue Glint.  I had already read other bloggers mention that this beauty was a stainer, so I made sure to double-up my base coat and tried to be very careful with my application.  Like the others from this collection, the consistency is pretty thick, and best results are achieved by making the first coat pretty thin, ideally using a 3-stroke pass and leaving streaks alone, followed by a thicker second coat which should even everything out.  I also made sure to immediately wipe up any polish that hit my cuticles, and even still I noticed that it took a bit of effort to *really* get rid of the excess, so I can definitely believe that this gorgeous polish will indeed give you smurf fingers if you aren't careful.

However... just LOOK AT IT!  It's absolutely a perfect summer sky blue, and beautifully reflective.  These pictures have no topcoat, so all that glow is definitely from the polish itself.

I can see myself wearing this by itself in summer months, and it would look pretty spiffy through a peep-toe, too!  I used this as the base for a blue/green/purple Tri-Polish mani which you'll see on Tuesday.

Next up is a polish you've actually already seen a peek at, because it was the base for my Lucky Summer Fireflies mani last Monday.  Coral Glaze took the same 2-coat application as the others in this line (except White Light, which was 3).

Normally I have a really hard time with coral and peach colors, because they tend to be a little too warm for me.  This definitely was no exception in general, although I do think it's among the softer corals I've tried, and it doesn't look too bad on me.

My camera is completely unable to capture the brightness of this shade in real life.  This baby really does light up and glow in person, and looks a bit more pink and less sherbet orange than these pics illustrate.

Last but not least is possibly my surprise favorite of the entire line, Turquoise Gloss.  In the bottle, it looks a little mint green, so I was confused as to why they'd named it turquoise.  On the nail, I see a lot more of the blue undertones (though still not enough that I'd call it a true turquoise).

Although it doesn't QUITE live up to its namesake, I've recently found a love for pale green polishes, and this definitely fills a need that I didn't know I had!  Application, again, was 2 coats of one thin and one thicker, and I suspect that this might also be a stainer so I doubled up on basecoat for this one as well. 

This bright green-leaning cyan could be used for some beautiful nail art during the spring and summer months, and I'm hoping to be able to include it in some St. Patrick's Day nails soon.

In conclusion, while the pastels left me feeling less-than-blown over, these bright shades have really changed my outlook of the HyperGel line.  I feel really good about my color selections and the ones I chose to pass up, and I look forward to testing these in many different types of nail art, including testing them for stamping.

I hope you're all having a great weekend, and I will see ya soon!


  1. Great swatches! I love the 'turquoise' one :)

    1. Thank you! I'm wearing it on my toes right now and just keep falling in love with it over and over again!

  2. These swatches are gorgeous!

  3. I think I like these colours more than the other ones... but they are both still fab! I've bought my first Models Own bottle as well, because you know. These all looked so great :) Got it yesterday!

    Check out my post on why life is AMAZING:

    1. I TOLD you you'd love them! LOL. What did you get?

  4. Pretty shades, love them all. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award, go read all about it here:


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