Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Hearts Argyle - GOT Polish Thursday

Hey y'all!

I'm back in the GOT Polish Challenge this week with a new take on the argyle pattern using polishes that are all over a year old, and in at least one case, probably about 10 years old.  The theme this week is Valentine's Day, so I've adapted the typical diamond shape in argyle and replaced it with hearts!

I started off this pink and purple look with two coats of Maybelline French-Tip White, which has been with me for many, many years.  Then I added diagonal stripes in Kiss hot pink striping polish on all but my ring finger.  I have been holding on to an unused wheel of nail art "confetti" that contained these purple iridescent hearts and white iridescent heart cut-outs along with a myriad of other plastic bits n bobs, so I figured this was a great time to use them. 

My next step was creating this purple hearts argyle pattern on my accent nail.  It was not the easiest free-handing I've ever done, but it probably only took me about 10 minutes to paint this nail.

Using my smallest detail brush, I started with the heart in the center of my nail in OPI Grape Wall of China, which is a black-label OPI if that tells you how old it is.  Still, I love the muted color and the formula hasn't gotten yucky on me.  Once I had the first heart set, I was able to space out the others in a diagonal pattern, leaving room for me to come back to paint the darker purple hearts in Sally Hanson Pronto Purple.

Once my hearts were all filled in an alternating pattern, I finished the "argyle" look by crossing them with pink and lilac stripes using my Kiss nail art stripers, and then added a single coat of elf Fairy Dust which of course is almost completely invisible on the white background.  In fact, it's so invisible that you can't even see it in the bottle shot below!

Hope you're all having a fantastic week.  If you have a sweetie, I hope you are able to spend VD together, heh, heh.  If you don't currently have a sweetie, I highly recommend doing something special to love yourself, whether it be buying yourself a gift, making or going out for a nice dinner, or treating yourself in some other way.


  1. Lovely design with all the different colours! :)

  2. What a clever idea replacing the diamonds for hearts! Good thinking :)

    1. Thanks hon. The more I look at it, the more I wish I'd been able to get smaller lines over them so they don't get covered over. Next year, right?

  3. This is so pretty! I like the colors you chose


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