Saturday, 22 February 2014

Hey Swatch It! Models Own Beetlejuice

Hey y'all!

As promised, I'm really trying to work through my stack of untrieds and get them swatched and up here for you to see.  Since my stack of Models Own was really starting to get out of control with the addition of the new HyperGels, I decided I should get my older ones out of the way, so today I have swatches of the Beetlejuice collection Indian Ocean and Hayley's Comet.  I was so blown away by these that I couldn't help myself and wound up doing some perception-blowing nail art with them, but let's save that for the end.

Shown:  one coat of Hayley's Comet and four coats of Indian Ocean, both topped with SV.

As you can see, they both appear on the bare nail much as they do in the bottle: pale, sheer, jelly shimmers.  Application on both was super clean, though Indian Ocean is incredibly sheer and should probably take at LEAST two coats if you're trying to capture the blue tone at all.  Either would make a lovely jelly sandwich.  However, while I think they're pretty as-is, I was absolutely mindblown when I layered them over black.  Each of the swatches below are a single coat of the Beetlejuice polishes over black.  Take a look and see if you can guess which bottle made which swatch.

(Click any of the pictures to enlarge.)

On the left, you see a brilliant gold-flecked sort of pink-orange, and on right, a duochromey teal-purple.  Seems pretty logical which color went to each hand, right?

I'll give you one more look, just so you can be sure.  Go ahead, compare it to the plain swatches in that first pic at the top of the post.

Are you even ready for this reveal?  Of course you are.  You're not stupid.  You already knew it couldn't be THAT easy, right?  RIGHT?

Can you even believe it?  It's like they just switched bottles altogether.  When applied over the black, all of that pale blue base in Indian Ocean high-tails it outta there, and all you're left with is a gorgeous sunset-flecked beauty.  And Hayley's Comet is no small miracle itself, because I didn't even SEE all that teal shimmer hanging out in that orangey bottle, much less did I realize it was going to duochrome its way into my heart!  I am curious to see how the colors shift over other colors as well (need to try putting Hayley's Comet over a rich burnt orange).

Once I realized what I had in my hands, I knew I had to play with gradients to give these color-benders a chance to shine together.  Here's what happened:

Holy gradient skittles, amirite?  It's like you can't even tell what made what in this badboy!  The great part of this look is that it only took 5 colors, but it looks like a LOT more is happening!

From left to right:
Maybelline Blackout
Models Own Hayley's Comet
elf Chic Confetti
Models Own Indian Ocean
Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Let me break it down for you, nail by nail:
On my thumb, my base is solid Blackout, and the gradient is Hayley's Comet at the cuticle and Indian Ocean at the tip.
On my index finger is a gradient base of Snow Me White and Blackout, with Indian Ocean topping the whole she-bang.
My middle finger is based with Blackout, topped with Indian Ocean, and the glitter gradient from the tip is Chic Confetti.
Following suite, my ring finger is Blackout, Hayley's Comet, and Chic Confetti.
Rounding it off, my pinky has a Snow Me White/Blackout gradient like my index, but this time it's topped with Hayley's Comet.

I think this is actually my first-ever true skittles manicure, and I wasn't even thinking about it as I did it!  Mostly I wanted to showcase how the polishes completely turn around over contrasting backgrounds.  The glitter gradient was sort of a last-minute, let-me-find-a-way-to-really-spruce-this-up maneuver, but I really think it brightened the overall look and made it come to life!

I deeply apologize for the length and number of pictures in this post.  Typically my Hey, Swatch It! posts are fairly short, so I may have tricked you into it, but I hope you'll agree the payoff is worth it.  Also, this post manages to shift 3 of my untried out of the stack (Chic Confetti being the 3rd), so yay for that!

If you're still with me, I'll be back for Tri-Polish Tuesday with my last (THANK THE GODS) brown, grey, and pink matchup, which will of course start a whole new week of nail art, and that's totes excite, right?  Okay, enough faffing about.  Hope you're all well and I'll see ya soon!


  1. UGH. Why must you always keep adding things to my want list??? LOL.

    1. That's what I'm sposed to do, isn't it? To make people want to buy things, or not buy things, as the case may be? LOL

  2. wow - these look fab! I knew Hayley's Comet went green when layered (it surprised me when I wore it) .... but now I must layer mine over a b/w gradient, or some other b/w nail art! Thanks for inspiration!

    1. You're welcome! I'm curious to see now what the other Beetlejuices do over black, because most of the swatches I've seen have been bare nail or over white. Hmmmmmmm.... lol

  3. This is a gorgeous mani! At first, I honestly didn't really like the colors, but once you were done, I was like, "WHAT? I did not expect it to be this gorgeous!" :D

    1. Thank you! That's one of the nicest comments I've ever received!


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