Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Playing with my furry marbles - TPTC

Hey y'all!

Welcome back to three consecutive days of nail art challenges!  Tri-Polish Tuesday starts us off with another installment of the pink, brown, and grey prompt.  This week I chose three muted shades and decided to add a little texture to the party.

I started this look off by creating a saran-wrap marble on all of my fingers, first with OPI Pinking of You.

My next layer was another saran-wrap marble using Barry M Mushroom.

I then went in to create some half-moons at the cuticles on all but my middle finger and thumb using MUA Koala Bear, but soon discovered that this grey is actually a pretty sheer crelly, so I knew I was going to have either rethink my polish or do something totally different.

Inspiration struck when I realized that I had a flocking powder that matched Koala Bear almost identically!  It's also possible that the name "Koala Bear" had me thinking about fuzzy things.

Working one nail at a time, I applied a thick layer of Koala Bear to my half-moons, and immediately dropped the flocking powder over the wet polish using a pair of tweezers over an empty yogurt container to catch the fallout.  After a few seconds of waiting, I gently patted the flocking powder down and brushed off the excess using a fan brush.

On my middle finger and thumb, I created a v-shaped french tip in Koala Bear, and repeated the above steps on my tips.

Of course, the only topcoat on this mani was applied after the second wave of saran-wrap marbling, because topcoat would ruin the fuzzy effect of the flocking powder.

I love the contrast between the fluffy flocking and what looks like pink marble underneath.  It's almost like someone put a coat and hat on a statue.

And I'm the kind of weirdo that would put a fuzzy hat and sweater on a statue.  So be it.

I hope you like this look, although I know that it's a bit unconventional.  Let me know what you think in the comments.  I'll be back tomorrow with another Techniques Challenge look for the Llama Nails Challenge.

Hope you're off to a good week!


  1. This is probably the most unique mani I've seen in my life! Clever idea!

    1. LOL Thanks... "unique" is a kind way of saying "weirdo" and I'm totally okay with that. :)

  2. Very inventive!! I love the contrast of the gray in the flocking powder over the polish. Don't worry, I'm a weirdo too and I would totally put a coat and hat on a statue. Call it my strange sense of humor! I'm also a weirdo who would be rubbing my nails all day too singing "Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr" If you're not a Big Bang fan I apologize for the awkwardness I just caused XD

    1. Are you kidding me right now? I'm totally a big banger, and I *always* sing Soft Kitty to myself when I play with a flocked nail! Too funny!


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