Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Tri-Polish Tuesday: Brown, Pink, and Grey Skittlette

Hey y'all!

It's the first week of February and that means a palette swap for Tri-Polish Tuesdays!  As I mentioned before, I'm really racking my brain on this month's palette - Brown, Pink, and Grey.  For me, I can make any two of those colors work together, but all three is definitely... challenging.  Oh, I guess that makes sense now.  Moving on...

Since the rules this year state that you only have to use all three colors once in a month, I figured I would get the hardest bit over with, in case I didn't come up with any other ideas using all three, so I have a skittlette for you!

This is a really simple look to achieve.  As soon as I got my package of Pocket Money Polishes, I spotted The Chain, a dark holographic grey, and I knew it was going to come out to play.  (Note: I did not plan that when I placed my order; it was fortuitous circumstance that the only non-glitter PMP I selected happened to fit into this month's theme.)  I used it on my pinky.

The brown I chose was elf Chocolate, a rich dark brown that really does live up to its namesake, and it went on to my thumb and index.

I bounced back and forth on the pink selections, but ultimately decided that I wanted to use a glitter for my middle and ring fingers.  OPI More Than A Glimmer was part of the 2013 Pink of Hearts duo, and is filled with many colors of glitter, but primarily silver and pink.  It took 3 coats for full opacity, and after it was applied I realized it didn't have quite enough pink for my liking, so I topped it with Sinful Colors Glass Pink, effectively making half a jelly sammich.  (Note: hubby and I have a raging debate over whether there is such a thing as "half a sammich" - I occasionally will make a PB&J or ham&cheese using only one piece of bread cut in half or folded over.  I call this half a sammich.  He insists that there's no such thing and what I'm eating is just a small sammich.  Feel free to weigh in on this in the comments section.)

To finish everything off and pull everything together, I added three pale pink studs to each solid nail - a large, a small, and a tiny diamond shape.  Really really pleased with how these turned out.

As always, you'll find the other brown, pink, and grey manis from the lovely ladies of Crumpets Nail Tarts below.  Show some love!

I hope you're having a great day, and I'll see ya tomorrow!


  1. I'm impressed! Those three colors (though I love each of them) would be hard to put together! I love what you did! Oh, and I agree, half a sammich!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad I don't have to do all 3 together again, lol. And also: Yay! Half sammichers rule!


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