Friday, 31 January 2014

GOT Polish - Dots

Hey y'all!

Yet again, I'm a day late on my Thursday challenge, but... reasons.  We've got DOTS up this week, and I don't really have much to say about it, so... pictures.

I wasn't really sure where I was going with this when I started, except that I knew I wanted to use OPI Grape Wall of China as my base, so I did.

After that, I just started making a diminishing dot pattern radiating from the center, in elf Party Purple.  I then filled in around it using Maybelline Express Finish Silver Streak until I had something that looked kind of complete. Incidentally, whereas I have a full set of multiples sizes of dotting tools, I was literally too lazy to take them out of their case, so I used a toothpick.  *shrug*

On my ring finger, I tried to duplicate the pattern using rhinestones, but as you can see, that kind of got away from me.  I used silver studs in the centers of all other nails, and then covered with OPI Matte Top Coat. 

I don't know if you pay attention to these sorts of things, but I've been modifying my watermarking and tweaking it here and there, and I think I've finally settled on a style I can stick with.  Thoughts?  Comments?  Let me know.

This weekend I should have some swatches of Rimmel's Metal Rush collection that I picked up at B&M during a Pre-Christmas sale for £1 each.  Also got some nail mail today that I'm exceptionally happy about, and of course it interferes with my desire to finish swatching as intended, because OMG look at the shinies!

(Disclaimer:  Everything in today's post was purchased by me, 
and I'm not being compensated to promote these products or their sales)

Models Own is currently having a 50% off sale (min. order £25 before discount) with the code HALFPRICE on their website until Feb. 4, to celebrate 250k Facebook likes and to promote their new HyperGel polish line.  I have loved the swatches of the new line thus far, and I had been lusting after that Midori trio for a couple of months, so I figured a half off was a great way to justify it to hubby.  :)

I've been trying to sample a new UK indie every month, and this month brought me to Chubby Owl Polish.  First off, she's got a great logo.  Cuteness in a bottle.  Secondly, the swatches I've seen are amazical.  Was super pleased that these arrived the same day as my MOs, and that little lollipop just makes me smile so big.  Thanks Jemma!

Speaking of UK indies and sales, Belle Glamour is having an incrediballz sale right now, as well.  You guys remember that hot hot hot Harry Potter collection I reviewed a couple weeks ago?  Yeah... those beauties are included, as well as her new holographic line, for which I may or may not have placed an order already this morning.  If you're in the UK and love indies, definitely check it out. 

I think that's about all my bits n bobs today.  Happy Friday everyone, and hey... you made it through the first month of 2014!  Time to celebrate!