Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hey Swatch It! Quirk's Fantine

Hey y'all!

Today I just wanted to share a few pics of a gorgeous glitter topper I recently bought from the lovely Kerrie at Quirk Polish.  I actually purchased 2 glitter toppers, but as the second one is now discontinued I felt it would be wrong to tease you with it in a Swatch It post.

May I introduce you to the heartbreakingly lovely Fantine.

You definitely do not have to be a fan of Les Miserables to fall in love with Fantine.  Released as part of her "So Bloody Miserable" Collection, Kerrie describes this polish as "a mixture of lots of pastel glitters, black shreds and iridescence glitter."  That's a fairly short and sweet summary when there's so much going on in this bottle.

Ignore the fact that my base was obviously not fully dried when I went dabbing on glitters.

Just in this macro, you can definitely make out the black shards, which truly represent the character's tragic life, but just look at all the other goodies!  You can make out pale pink and blue and peach (or so it looks to me) pastel hexes, as well as the smaller iridescent hexes.  I also see a hint of a gold fleck up towards the mid-top right hand side.  Also, can you see that bright teal flash at the bottom center?

I've layered Fantine over another UK Indie, Limelight by Belle Glamour.  I just loved the way the lime green offset the pinks and the blacks.  I am not sure if the green hexes I'm seeing are reflecting the green in the base color, or if they're actually in there for realsies.

Application on this polish took a little more time than just slapping it on with a brush, but the results are so worth it.  I started by applying one coat with the brush, which did lay some down, but they were a bit sparse.  I dabbed on the rest by applying the polish to a makeup sponge, so that I could get placement where I wanted and fill in any bare spots.  Granted, this process takes a bit more time than "normal", but with results like this, how could you argue?

The beauty of a glitter topper with so much going on is even though some placement is required, it doesn't have to be careful placement.   I really love this kind of grunge/goth look.  It's totally dramatic, especially when the light catches all those different-sized iridescent glitters and they flash all over the place.

I sealed everything in with 2 coats of SV (cannot wait to get back to Texas where I have a bottle of Glitter Food waiting for me along with other goodies).  I only had issues with two of the black shards sticking up, so I used that first coat of SV to make them play nice.  I was actually expecting to get a lot more attitude from these shards, so I was pleasantly surprised when only two problem children popped up, and both of them laid down for a nap when I scolded them. 

Each time I try on one of Quirk's polishes I'm continually impressed at the quality of the craftsmanship.  You can really tell that Kerrie takes time and really thinks about what she's doing with each formula.  I only own 4 now, but I know that I will continue to invest in this indie brand, because I genuinely love the product she's putting out there.  You know that's saying something when it comes from a self-confessed glitter hater!

Are you in love?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Lovely, really like the combination of pastel shades with the black shards. Really unusual

    1. I totally agree. I think it really resonates with the character of Fantine, too - so lovely and so tragic all wound up together in one.

  2. Thank you for such a lovely review, I love the mint green base

    1. Of course, you are welcome! But I couldn't write a lovely review without a lovely product, so thank YOU!


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