Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Llama Nails Holiday Challenge week 11 - New Year's Day Tabula Rasa

Hey y'all!

First off, let me wish one and all a happy new year.  2014 came in with a distinctly "whomp whomp" in the Faff house last night.  We opened a bottle of bubbly, but between the two of us didn't manage to drink it all.  The remaining glass wound up going into the slowcooker with my black-eyed peas (called black-eyed beans in the UK).

Typical new year food in most southern states should include black-eyed peas (symbolizing wealth because they look a bit like coins to some people, and prosperity because they swell when cooked), collard greens or another green vegetable (symbolizing money), cornbread (symbolizing gold), and a pork product (because pigs are meant to symbolizing progress and embracing challenges because they root forwards in the dirt).  Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any cornmeal here in my part of the UK, so there won't be any cornbread on my plate this year but I reckon that's okay because making cornbread from scratch is a bit of a pain anyway.  I'll have to remember to buy some packets of cornbread mix next time I visit home and squirrel them away in the cupboard for January 1, 2015.  Anyway... followers on my Instagram may have already seen I've got my black-eyed peas in the slowcooker today with bacon lardons, onions, and chopped tomatoes, and I'll have some steamed broccoli on my plate as well since I never really liked collard greens (or any other of the "greens" for that matter).  Mr. Faff thinks my dinner stinks.  He just doesn't know good southern food, and he's a picker eater anyway.

For today's manicure theme, I did something a little bit different.  I originally intended this manicure to be a New Year's Eve mani rather than a New Year's Day, but after getting into the look, I decided it actually made more sense as a Jan 1 manicure.  I made a geometric pattern on all of my nails and my accent nail is a tabula rasa.  For me, this represents maintaining beauty and sparkle throughout the year while keeping a blank slate for writing my own destiny.

I started with Revlon Grape Icy as a base on all but my ring finger (Sally Hansen White On).  I then created the asymmetrical geometric patterns with Sinful Colors Glass Pink (over White On) and ILNP Amanda Hugginkiss.

Purple is by far my favorite color, an I'm quite happy with the color contrast on this look.  Although my lines were straight, I felt like the pattern was lacking something, so I lined the V shape with small black rhinestones and larger pink ones to try and take it up a notch, though I wish now that I'd had some large hex glitters instead, because I'm note quite keen on the 3D blingyness, though I don't think it looks bad.

As I said before, my original intent was for this to become a New Year's Eve look and I was going to really bling out that ring finger, but as I finished the other nails, I saw that I had a completely blank nail looking at me, and I realized that it was a far better representation of the coming new year for me.  It's all bling and sparkle, but that accent nail is the blank canvas on which I should be creating my own future. 

Tomorrow's post is going to be a bit more about my plans for the coming year and may put my tabula rasa manicure into a bit of context.   I hope you'll come back and see what I mean.

As always, any other New Years looks from the ladies of Llama Nails are linked below.

I hope 2014 brings all of you prosperity, happiness, health, and love.

Much love,