Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Llama Nails Holiday Challenge week 12 - Child's Day

Hey y'all!

Today's theme for the Llama Nails challenge was pretty vague - Child's Day.  I tried looking up the term on the interwebz and got hella confused because usually it's celebrated in June or November, depending on what part of the world you're located.  In any event, rather than having another Christmas Toys fail on my nails, I decided I would take a slightly easier free-handed paint session, and decided to go with the UNICEF flag.

If you're unaware of this organization (and if you are, can you show me the rock you've been living under?), the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF, now shortened to United Nations Children's Fund) is a United Nations Program headquartered in New York City, that provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.  While there is a LOT of controversy over specific policies and stances that the organization has made, it is still by and large the most prominent advocate group for children across the world.

Making the nail art for this flag was fairly simple, since there are only two colors to work work.  I found the closest pale blue I had in my collection, Rimmel Too Cool To Tango, and applied two coats to all my nails.  I realize that there's a very visible color difference between this shade and the actual UNICEF blue, but this was the closest I had, so work with me here, people!

Much to my excitement, the nail art brushes I ordered before Christmas finally arrived, so I was finally able to pop open my new acrylic paints and give it a whirl.  I'm much happier with the thinner lines and finer detail, but of course, I'll most likely never be a fine detail artist.  However, I'm pretty pleased with my results on my first go.

Of course when you blow things up to macro shots, it sort of looks like a child painted this nail.  I'm gonna say that's intentional, because, yanno, Child's Day.  Work with me here.

Because I have a whole stash of toys sitting by my workstation, I of course had to grab all of them as props for these pics.  Well, not all.  That would take forever.  A few.  I love this little lion.  I wish I had him in a stuffed version instead of ceramic.

No reminiscence of childhood would be complete without including the incredible Koosh ball.  We used to use them instead of hacky sacks out in front of the band hall before practice.  There were probably still a few on the roof when they tore the building down a few years back.  Ah, memories.

Lastly, this little ball is actually attached to an elastic cord and has a velcro tie to go around your finger.  That's right, it's a yo-yo ball.  I'm completely rubbish at traditional yo-yo, but I like playing a game of catch with myself from time to time, and I never have to worry about losing the ball.  Or having it stolen by a dog who then won't give it back. Not naming names, but...

It's really a good thing that Isis doesn't read my blog, lest she get jealous that her "big" brother gets all the attention.  Just for that, here's a gratuitous pic of my sweet girl.

I've gone off on a tangent again, haven't I?  Well, since I don't have kids, these sweet pups are the closest I've got.  And they're cute.  Live with it.

Enough rambling.  Tomorrow I'll be back with the second of my new challenges this year.  Please make sure you check out the other artistry by the ladies of Llama Nails, below.

Much love,