Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Striped Coral Accent Nail Art

Hey y'all!

Models Own recently had a 50% off sale to coincide with the launch of their new Colour Chrome collection, which I purchased (swatches coming soon!) along with a few other bits and bobs while I was at it.  Among those bits were two of the Diamond Luxe collection shades, Carat Coral and Oval Plum.  Since I'd been longing for a bit of warmer weather (and maybe an impending trip back to Texas), I decided to brighten up my nails with the coral shade, and then added a bit of nail art as an accent.

Models Own Diamond Luxe Carat Coral swatch with striping tape and rhinestone nail art accent.

I am a bit finicky when it comes to polishes with shimmer finishes, so I actually wasn't all that fussed about this collection when it came out back in September.  Having seen a few great swatches since that release, I decided a half-off sale was the perfect time to try these "luxurious" polishes, which MO claims contain real diamond dust.  Sadly, I found the formula to be a little on the gloopy side, but I was able to make it play nice with two thinner coats and a self-leveling topcoat.  I do think the color is beautiful and exactly the shade I needed to feel to get me thinking about days when I can wear open-toed shoes again!

Models Own Diamond Luxe Carat Coral swatch with striping tape and rhinestone nail art accent.

For my accent finger, I used striping tape to make off my horizontal lines and the deep V over Carat Coral.  I then applied a coat of Pure Ice Superstar! and removed the tape.  After cleaning up my lines a little bit (because inevitably if I cross striping tape over itself, I will get pulling and polish bleed underneath) with a striping brush, I added topcoat and secured the clear rhinestone at the free edge. 

It was actually really refreshing for me to be able to wear "simple" nail art.  This past couple of months I've often found myself out of the house with elaborate nail art on one hand (sometimes with a mismatched or *gasp* naked other hand!) and it feels quite a bit louder and brassier than I tend to be these days.  It was one thing for a late-night karaoke bar host in a big city to flash audacious tips, but it's quite another for a frumpy housewife buying toilet paper with bright and bold fingers in small town southwestern England! 

I hope you're all having a great week.  Stay warm and I'll see ya Friday!