Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Giveaway Mania up in hurr! (CLOSED)

Hey y'all!

Short post, but today's an exciting day at Camp Faff.  Last night a winner was selected for my elf Gift Bag giveaway, and the winner responded to my email this morning, so her prize will be mailed out later today.  Congratulations to Lucy of the Lucy Loves, who is also a newbie beauty blogger like myself, but she's covering a whole range of beauty, fashion, and nail stuff.  Give her a peek! 

Additionally, I received a prize that *I* won from the beautiful Zoe of The Pink PrincessZ!  I am SO excited about this prize set, you guys.  I just can't even.  Over the course of the giveaway, Zoe made improvements to the original prize pack, upgrading all of the nail polishes to Essies.  I currently have only 2 Essies in my collection, not including their ridge filler, so that made me really happy, but what I was REALLY drooling over was the MoYou Christmas Collection 01 plate.

Click to expand - this is worth taking a look at!

I've been eyeing MoYou plates for a few months now, especially after they've been getting such rave reviews in the blogosphere.  I am so excited to have won one, and it's a gorgeous work of art in itself!  I was really nervous about how to use the plate, but luckily Lacquer or Leave Her posted about this very plate with a video and a tutorial, so I feel a lot more confident about using it.

In addition, I received 5 Essie polishes in the colors (from left, above) Blanc, Licorice, Good As Gold, Russian Roulette, and Mojitos, as well as an XL Stamper and two scrapers.  The XL Stamper has one of the squishy silicone ends, and this makes me happy because it looks to be of better quality than the one I currently have, which is super squishy and kind of a pain to work with because it's so tacky and also falls out of the holder, like, every time.  This one doesn't appear to be as tacky or as soft, but still MUCH softer than the traditional rubber stamps, and it doesn't feel as flimsy (also hasn't fallen out yet during my testing), so I'm pretty chuffed about that.

(Translation for my American audience: chuffed = delighted, pleased, or satisfied.  Interesting side note:  chuff also means making a noisy puffing or explosive sound, which I think is hilarious because only Brits would transfer a synonym for farting to an adjective for being proud.)

Can't wait to get stamping - especially since I've got two challenges going on and both are about to start featuring some Christmas nail art.  This plate will save me from lots of embarrassment over my freehand painting skills, and I do believe I'll use every single one of these polishes this week since they're all great Christmas-y colors. :)  Thank you SO MUCH Zoe!  What an awesome giveaway you put together!

I'll be back tomorrow with my first challenge post of the week.  Let me know what you think I should start with on this plate in the comments below.


  1. Chuff is sometimes used as slang for a 'lady garden' here as well! :D x

    1. Bahaha! That's even better! Thanks for that, lol!

    2. apparently, it was slang for your bum in the '40's too!


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