Monday, 15 June 2015

Life update and exciting news!

Hey y'all!

Today's post is just a little update for you, to let you know what's been going on around the Faffdom.  After some pretty intense encouragement from my instructor, I started testing the waters for any nail tech positions going here in my little town.  As it turns out, a spa owner was looking to bring in a nail tech, and thus began a bit of a whirlwind process.

After a brief phone interview, I had to go in to perform a trade test.  Basically that just means that I need to perform a service so the potential employer knows that I know what I'm doing.  I also had to provide my certifications and we chatted while I did both acrylic and hard gel sculpted extensions for her.  She is a lovely woman, originally from the Ukraine, and she took over the space not long before I moved to the UK, coincidentally.  She works there alone (until now!) and primarily her treatments are for massage and skin and body treatments.  She confessed to me that although she had been doing gel polish and manicures and pedicures, she actually doesn't like doing nails and would prefer doing her other treatments, which is why she was so happy that I had inquired about a nail tech position there.

We got on really well, and ultimately this "interview" resulted in her offering to rent me the nail station in her spa.  This is pretty standard in the nail industry, because of course, it's a lower liability for the salon owner and the nail tech (or hairdresser, beautician, etc.) is paid based on their volume rather than hourly.  I accepted, and this set off the busiest two weeks I've spent since moving to the UK.

First off, I had to start making lists.  Lists of things to purchase (product, tools, etc.).  Although my kit is already pretty extensive, I knew I was going to need a few products of better (read: not e-Bay) quality to service paying clients.  I also had lists of things that had to be done - immediately, soon, and long-term.  I had to get public liability insurance pretty much first thing, for obvious reasons.  Then hubs and I started making all the other lists of things to do.  Whereas I've been focusing on creating documents (like price lists and business cards and other things I'll need for the day-to-day business), he's been focused on taking care of the financials and the government requirements (registering as a sole trader, researching tax and VAT, etc.).  I'm very lucky to have married a man who is good with money and understands business, or else I would be in way over my depth with the sheer volume of things to do. 

Ultimately, we're on schedule and will be ready for me to begin taking clients as of June 26, less than 2 weeks away!  I still have a lot to do, of course, but with the lion's share of the pre-emptive work already completed, I'm confident that we'll be ready to do business.  The only real question now is whether I'll be able to get clients to my station, and keep them coming back.  I do have a bit of self-doubt whispering at the back of my brain, which I'm sure will only get louder as the day approaches, but I'm committed to keeping those voices at bay and focus on doing the work I enjoy.

For the time being, I've pulled out of all my blogging nail art commitments (challenges, etc.) although I do have products to review coming in so I will continue doing those.  I'm hoping at least some of my clients will be in favor of letting me photograph and share their nails here with you as well as on the business' social media.  I'm working with a designer to create a business logo for me, and as soon as that's ready, I'll be announcing my business pages so you can keep track of me there, should you be so inclined.

I want to thank you all for the wonderful messages of support and encouragement I've received.  You guys are a huge part of what has pushed me to turn my hobby into a career, and I can honestly say that I probably would not have gotten to this exciting point in my life without the incredible feedback I've received on my nail art.

To close out, I thought I'd share a few pics of some of the acrylic nail art I've been practicing.  A few of these have already appeared in my IG feed, but there's a few never-before-seen nails in here as well.  Enjoy!

My first attempt at 3D sculpting

Attempted 3D bluebonnets (and brown-eyed susan on the side)

Glitter nail with a 3D flower on top

Evolution of my glitter mix
On the right is my own cover pink mix with the original silver glitter mix.  On the left is Naio Natural Beige Cover and the latest version of the glitter mix.  I may still tweak it further - haven't decided.

My first two-tone rose, over a pink & white

My cover pink mix on the tip, clear pink mix on the nail bed (the practice nail is beige so it looks brown)

My first encapsulated flower - rough attempt at a sunflower

Sort of a galaxy using gel polishes and glitters/flakies/pigments

I hope you're all well and safe.  Hope to see you soon!