Saturday, 25 April 2015

Hey, Swatch It! Sinful Shine Royal Flush

Hey y'all!

Today I have a quickie swatch post for you, showing off one of the polishes I picked up at half price (making it only $1) while we were on holiday in the States.  This is Sinful Shine Royal Flush.

Swatch and review of Sinful Shine Royal Flush.

This beautiful, deep, dark fuchsia creme was opaque in one coat and, true to the name, totally shiny, even without top coat.  Saying that, these pics show one coat of Royal Flush, with no top coat.  Total opacity like this makes it a prime contender for stamping, so I'm sure I'll be testing that out shortly. 

Swatch and review of Sinful Shine Royal Flush.

It's polishes like this that make me so very sad that Sinful pulled out of Boots in the UK, so we'll never even see any of the Sinful Shine colors.  We can still find a few of the regular Sinful Colors line in pound stores, but those are all very old shades and, to be honest, the latest ones that I've found had started glooping up so I wasn't keen.  I'm very lucky that I'm able to shop the transAtlantic divide, but it still sucks.  Hey, Sinful Colors, you know who likes pretty, opaque, shiny nail polish?  British girls!  F'kers.

I have a quick update for you regarding May's posting schedule.  I've been running MWFS pretty well, but I have just put down a deposit to attend another nail tech course which will run for a week in May, and since I'm not sure what the state of my nails will become, I will be trying to pre-schedule as many posts as possible before I step into the classroom again.  Additionally, I am going to attempt to start filming tutorials in my new space downstairs this weekend, with the goal of posting videos on Mondays instead of nail art.  That said, I think I'm going to drop Friday from my schedule next month and combine WIDW with the NCC prompts at least for the next month or so, or until I fall into a new pattern that I can manage. 

Are you confused yet?  Me too.  Okay, so my plan is to transition to doing video Mondays, NCC/WIDW on Wednesdays, and Swatch It Saturdays for the next month-ish.   I have a small handful of planned videos in my pocket to work on, but if you have any requests, now is the time to get them in, nice and early! 

Hope you're all having a great weekend, and I'll see ya soon!