Friday, 8 November 2013

Hey, Swatch It! - ILNP UltraChromes, pt 2

Hey y'all!

So yesterday we looked at the first half of the ILNP UltraChrome collection.  Today I'd like to look at the other half.  I think I've saved the best for last on this one. 

As I mentioned yesterday, I originally ordered 2 and loved them so much I had to go back and get the other two.  The original order was for Birefringence and My Little Glacier. After wearing each of those colors for like, an hour, I realized I had made a grave mistake not ordering the rest of the set.  I'm hemmed and hawed over it because I knew I'd have to have them shipped to me before we left Texas.  Finally on the Tuesday before we left, I broke down and placed my order in the morning.  I sent an inquiry email to make sure I had selected the proper shipping type to make sure the polishes would get to me on time.  Within an hour, I had a very lovely email back from Barbra saying that I'd managed to catch her just before she went to the post office, and that she would make sure my order went out that day!  I was over the moon on that one.  So often when you order things online, you're never sure how long it's going to take before they process and ship your order (born pretty store, I'm looking at you).  So frustrating!  However, ILNP's customer service is definitely as top rate as everything else that I've learned about this company.  Just cannot say enough how pleased I was with these two orders.

Enough faffing, let's get to the polishes!  Please meet Cygnus Loop and Birefringence.

Cygnus Loop is a purple-based shifter with shifts into blue, red, and orange.  In some lights I almost thought I saw a flash of yellowish-green as well.

I am such a purple lover, I cannot believe this wasn't on my original order!  It's gorgeous.  In fact, it caused some tension between me and the hubby, because when I had it on I couldn't stop staring at my nails!  The shifts in this polish are just unreal.  Even application in 2 coats, and because I was in a rush, these pics have SV topcoat, but they shine insanely even without topcoat.
So if you're a blue lover, you will adore Birefringence.

This beauty moves through almost all the same color shifts as Cygnus Loop, but it's in a blue base.  I am almost certain that I saw multiple shades of blue within it!
Are these not two of the most beautiful polishes you've EVER SEEN?  I love them both so much that I'm slightly scared that I'll run thru them and they won't be available anymore.  However, that said, Barbra has just announced that on Nov 22, all of the UltraChrome polishes will be re-released with HOLOGRAPHIC PIGMENTS ADDED!  How exciting is that?  Chrome AND holo in one bottle?  That's like joy pudding to me!  I highly recommend snagging these beauties before they're all gone.

Now I mentioned in yesterday's post that I have a total of 6 bottles of ILNP right now.  In my original order, I also snagged two of her holographics, which I will swatch and review in my next post, which will complete the ILNP Swatch Out series, at least until I have more beauties to show you.

What do you think of the UCs?  Can you think of any great ways I can use these bad boys in future manis?  Let me know in the comments.