Thursday, 31 October 2013

Llama Nails Holiday Challenge week 2: Halloween

Hey y'all,

Quick post to put up my Halloween mani.  This week's theme was Halloween, and I struggled a bit before I finally decided on something that I liked but wasn't too cliche.

Last month I picked up a couple of W7 crackle polishes at Poundland or somewhere similar (Americans: think Dollar Store) and hadn't really had a chance to use them yet, but one of them is a lovely cranberry purple and I thought it would make a nice Halloweeny hue.

To start, I put down a base color of elf Cranberry on my pinky, middle, and index fingers, and Maybelline Onyx Black on my ring and thumb.  Then I splotched on dabs and smears of Collections Scorched over all the nails, making sure I left some base color exposed.  I used Rimmel Black Graffiti over the pinky, middle, and index, and the W7 Crimson Crackle on the ring and thumb.

The effect was sort of wood-grainy, but in a dark and kind of vampy way.  I finished off the look by adding eyeballs with Fright Night Glow-in-the-Dark Claw Polish and added pupils with the Black Onyx. 

Unfortunately I've discovered that I no longer own a blacklight, so capturing the glowy eyeballs in the dark won't be possible, but I'm sure you can use your imagination.  I think it's precious, and I like that using GITD polish makes it a little bit different from a lot of the other spooky eyeball manis I've seen on Pinterest this year.

As a sidenote to Evin:  Fireflies!

Anyway... so now I'm caught up with the Llama Nails Challenge.  Next week is Diwali, and I have no idea what that is, so a-Googling I will go!

Hope you enjoyed this Halloween look.  Be sure to check out the other Llama Nails Challenge posts below.

Much love,